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In addition to our Onsite courses run at client's own sites, we offer a range of scheduled courses open to the public. 

Here is our current Public Training Schedule.

Our public scheduled courses are mostly held at our own training center here in Worcester.

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General Resources

  • Click the link below to hear more about our training day offers, and gain an insight as to why our customers love using them. 


  • ITSM Portfolio

    View the Quanta ITSM Portfolio

  • View Quanta's Nutshell Module List

  • About Nutshell Courses

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  • Management Development Portfolio

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  • Quanta Blended Programmes

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  • Microsoft End User Training Portfolio.

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  • SQL Server, Visual Studio and Associated Tools Portfolio

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  • Project and Program Management Portfolio

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  • Quanta Business Analysis Portfolio

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  • Quanta Training Brochure

    Quanta Training Brochure

  • Agile and DevOps Portfolio

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Agile & DevOps

  • See how Agile can help Utilities companies beat the competition. 

  • Quanta's guide to Agile in Utilities

    Understand how Agile enables the Utilities Industry to respond quickly to change. 

IT Service Management

  • The Basics of ITIL4's Service Value Chain
  • Understand how to develop a digital service using the VeriSM model