Apollo 13

Apollo 13 logoHouston, we have a problem…

87 hours from home, your spacecraft is slowly dying! You have a serious problem, unless you and the ground support staff start working as a team to solve it, people will die. Time is running out, and fast! Welcome to the Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience.

Due the nature of simulation training we can readily tailor Apollo 13 to highlight ITIL®, CoBIT or generic ITSM processes.

Are you struggling to implement ITIL or another IT service management methodology?

Don’t worry – you're not alone.  Many of our customers struggle when adopting ITIL.  Often, their personnel are well trained with heaps of experience but they just can’t seem to get ITIL to work for them.

As one of our ThirdBrain™ simulations, Apollo 13 helps to narrow the gap between knowledge and behaviour which is often the only thing standing between a company and successful ITIL adoption.

Apollo 13 LaunchExperience the thrilling reality

Delegates taking part in an Apollo 13 simulation take on the responsibilities of Mission Control in Houston. Their mission: bring the crippled spacecraft and its crew safely home.  Through the skilful facilitation of one of our ThirdBrain™ Facilitators (who are also ITSM subject matter experts) the team will experience all of the problems that actually arose during the real Apollo 13 mission.  They will see and feel firsthand the consequences of people, process and technology upon the quality, cost, customer satisfaction and overall business result.

The mission is broken into four phases.  Each phase is designed to be an analogous phase of an IT solution.  Within each phase delegates will:

  • Design or improve a process
  • Apply the process
  • Report on their success – or failures – and reflect on the performance with aid of one of our ThirdBrain™ Facilitators
  • Make decisions on what to improve in the following round

Apollo 13 Blast OffDid you save Apollo 13?

A post-mission briefing will discuss the successes and failures the team experienced, identifying if there was any room for improvement in the way you and your mission control colleagues co-operated. During the discussion the following areas will be considered:

  • Determining the root cause of failure
  • Recommending a service improvement plan
  • Working proactively to prevent future accidents
  • Adopted approach to the simulation
  • Reflection on the team process & solving process errors
  • Transferring the learning experience to daily practice

Learning objectives

After experiencing Apollo 13 – an ITSM case experience delegates will have:

  • A first hand understanding of the ITSM theory
  • Learnt how ITSM processes are used in other environments
  • Understood the interdependency of processes & their impact on business continuity
  • Learnt how good designs can improve the performance of the service department
  • Grasped how processes can be improved by designing and implementing as a team
  • Practiced overcoming resistance to change in an organisation
  • Understood the importance of running a successful awareness campaign
  • Realised  the importance  of obtaining organisational commitment/buy-in


Knowledge+ ThirdBrain Simulations Apollo 13 is also available in our ground-breaking Knowledge+ format which combines the benefits of a Simulation with a deeper and more rounded appreciation of the following methodologies:
  • ITIL

For more information visit our Knowledge+ page.

Not quite what you are looking for?

We understand that every company has its own unique requirements. If you feel that the concept of a Simulation is right for you but have something slightly different in mind you may wish to consider one of our Tailored Simulations.

See how Apollo 13 has helped others

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Capita IT Services

Capita IT Services were looking to successfully adopt ITIL. They did so thanks to Quanta and a programme of ThirdBrain™ Simulations and tailored workshops


The Royal Corps of Signals

One unit of the Royal Corps of Signals needed to adopt ITIL & fast. Success was achieved using a programme of tailored courses complemented by a ThirdBrain™ Simulation


"Apollo 13 is engaging and innovative with a serious message and a genuine learning curve and should be seriously considered by anyone wanting to improve awareness and understanding of ITIL in their organisation.  The simulation covers all the key ITIL processes, making a relatively dry subject very interesting and enjoyable.  It illustrates the need for good team working and communication."

Paul Melling
Technical Services Manager
Crown Agents

"Apollo 13 is a very engaging analogy to real life business processes and both an exciting and interesting team building exercise.  It was quite refreshing to learn ITIL theory in a simulated experience rather than a lecture, the simulation is mind stretching and excellent!"

Louise Dunlop
Technical Administrator

"Apollo 13 is an excellent, well delivered simulation, which is educational, stressful and very good fun all at the same time.  It reflected real life particularly well in terms of ITIL processes, everyday Service Management and linking this all too the actual space mission.  10 out of 10!"

Rhys Thomas
IT Business Services Manager
The UNITE Group plc.

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