Process Mapping Workshop

Improve business processes through applying lean techniques

The workshop is intended to introduce and expand delegates understanding and ability to define processes, understand the activities within and create clear workflows to enable greater understanding from those that are executing them. It also covers the basics of aligning roles and responsibilities, identifying waste within processes and the importance of gaining buy-in for new processes.

Course Code
1 Day
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

This one day workshop aims to develop understanding of process mapping and how it can create efficiencies.

Who is this course for

Anyone with an interest in process improvements.

You will learn how to

- Understand process mapping as an activity
- Create workflows
- Use appropriate techniques to define processes

- What is a process?
- What needs to be considered in a process? 
   - Inputs, triggers, outputs
   - Activities, procedures, roles, metrics, feedback
   - Resources and controls
- Using the model to define a process using post-its
- Defining the resources, roles and responsibilities for the process and use of RACI model
- Exercises to define processes using the model (using Trust processes as a basis where possible)
- Process improvement, considering flow and elimination of waste work in the process
- Considering communicating processes and process change to stakeholders to obtain buy-in