IT R for Data Analysis

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Master the basics of data analysis using the R Language

R is the common language of data science and has long been popular among data scientists. It is highly extensible and provides a wide variety of statistical, machine learning methods and predictive modelling techniques.  Recently due to a focus on data, reporting and big data, R is becoming more common place and this introductory course will teach you the basics to start you off on your R journey.

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Who is this course for

Anyone wishing to learn more about R.  A background in programming will be helpful but by no means essential.

Purpose of the course

Aimed at beginners this R course is intended to introduce the basics of the R language, but quickly moves on to cover all the key concepts you will need to master it.

You will learn how to

Get started with R and RStudio.
Wrangle messy data into shape.
Perform Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) using R.
Create R Notebooks.
Start using the power of R for your own needs.


None.  Although a programming or data analysis background will be helpful.

Benefits for you as an individual

R, once the language of data scientists is becoming far more main stream; or has our changing business world meant we are all becoming data scientists?  Regardless, R is here to stay and knowing how to leverage it's capability is essential.

Benefits for your organisation

R can deliver huge benefits to your organisation through its reporting & integration capabilities.  All you need are highly trained staff to be able to harness those capabilities.

Introduction to R and RStudio

  • Alternatives to R for Data Science
  • Compiled vs Interpreted
  • REPLs
  • R IDEs
  • RStudio
  • R PAckages
  • Updating R
  • Turtle Graphics
  • A Worked Example

Basic Data Input

  • Sydney Beaches Dataset
  • Tidyverse and here Packages

Data Wrangling

  • Clean Up Your Column Names
  • Exploring the Rows
  • Comparing Councils

Visualising Data

  • Time Series Plots
  • Extracting the Date
  • Compare Beaches
  • Flip the Axes
  • Add Colour
  • Display a Third Variable
  • Facet Wrapping
  • Filter to Omit Outliers
  • Saving Your Plots

Box, Violin and Pair Plots

  • The Iris Dataset
  • Data Distributions
  • Box Plots
  • Violin Plots
  • Analyse the Data

Log Transform

  • Box Plots of Beach Data
  • Violin Plots of Beaches Data

Notebooks and Markdown

  • Notebooks
  • Markdown
  • R Notebooks
  • The RStudio Notebook Template
  • An Iris Notebook

Interactive Documents

  • HtmlWidgets
  • Other Languages
  • Reproducible Notebooks
  • Share and Publish
  • Are Scientific Pages Dead?

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