Business Case Skills

Learn how to prepare, update and evaluate business cases

Staff throughout a business regularly produce Business Cases. Often, they are created without any prior formal training leading to a poor quality of work and important decisions being made on inadequate information.

This course provides staff with the relevant knowledge and skills to create effective Business Cases that add real value to the task in hand.

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1 Day
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Purpose of this course

This course will ensure that you have all the necessary techniques to write a compelling Business Case; Providing the knowledge and skills to develop, update, and evaluate Business Cases.

Who is this course for

The course is aimed at those who will be required to prepare, review, or update a Business Case.

You will learn how to
  • Investigate Business Case options
  • Assess benefits according to different types
  • Identify major risks to the Business Case
  • Carry out a cost/benefit analysis
  • Understand selected investment appraisal techniques
  • Write a Business Case
Benefits for your organisation

Business Cases are sometimes written to secure funding and are then left on the shelf. This course emphasises the importance of treating the Business Case as a living document and the basis for a project continuing, as well as commencing. This approach ensures that a project or piece of work continues to provide value as it develops and changes.

Benefits for you as an individual

You will feel more confident as to the typical contents of a Business Case and to understand the purpose of the major headings. You will also understand the purpose of a Business Case and the importance of it as a document that reflects the state of a project at any time and its use in reviews to gauge the ongoing viability of the project.

Business Case
  • Writing
  • Defined
  • Sample composition
  • What is it?
  • Why write one?
  • Strategy and the Business Case
  • Identifying
  • Analysis
  • Testing a Benefit
  • Benefits Value types
  • Benefits Map
  • Disbenefits
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
Investment Appraisal Techniques
  • Payback Period
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  • Net present value
Do Nothing

An awareness of Project Management, and an exposure to Business Cases.