PDL Developing a High Performance Culture

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This one-day workshop enables participants to examine the shared values, belief systems, attitudes, and the set of assumptions that people in their workplace share, define the culture they want to create, and discuss how the gap between where they are and where they want to be can be bridged.

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Who is this course for

Anyone in a position where they are accountable, responsible, or involved in setting or driving cultural change within their organisation.

You will learn how to

  • Understand the gap between the existing culture and the one you want to create

  • Understand what needs to be done to create a culture of accountability

  • Understand what kind of support high performing staff and under-performing staff need to bring their best to work

Benefits for you as an individual

When you are working in an environment where you feel your values are represented, from colleague relationships to marketing your product or service, means you will be motivated to work harder, have more productive working relationships and are happier at work.

Benefits for your organisation

If your organisation is going to achieve its strategic objectives and fulfil its vision, being able to clearly define the shared values, belief systems, attitudes, and the set of assumptions that people in your company need to share to make this a reality is vital.

Defining the culture you want to create

  • The leader as a role model
  • The three levels of organisational culture
  • Behaviours, symbols and systems
  • Key messages
  • The benefits of diversity and inclusion in effective teams

Creating a culture of accountability

  • What is expected of individuals
  • Goal setting
  • Continuous performance management
  • Constructively challenging low / underperformance
  • Managing behaviours in the team

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