Cy Cyber Matters [An Introductory Overview to Cyber Security]

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Start the journey to understanding the role of cyber in your organisation.

This 1 day course is an introduction to a wide range of security and cyber related topics, covering the fundamentals of security, areas in which it is applied and, most importantly, why it matters that security is integrated into our daily working practices. Delegates do not need previous experience of cyber but a general appreciation of the way in which IT is utilised in a modern business would be beneficial.

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Who is this course for

Delegates that need to gain an appreciation of the role, language and considerations of cyber in the modern business.

Purpose of the course

Providing delegates with a broad view of what cyber means, what areas it applies to, an appreciation of the terminology and the application of cyber principles in their organisation.

You will learn how to

Explain the importance of cyber within the organisation.
Understand key terminology and how it applies to you.
Recognise key technologies and apply cyber principles when using them.
Understand how cyber is not just an 'IT' issue but one that applies to all of us.
Apply best practices to the business processes and practices that you perform in your everyday job.


No prerequisites but an appreciation of IT's role in the business and how being secure matters at a basic level may help.

Benefits for you as an individual

You will gain greater insight into security and how it is relevant to more than just IT people. As well as a higher level of appreciation means that you are less likely to be responsible for a security breach, less likely to fall foul of an attack and less likely to lose to cyber-related fraud professionally and personally.

Benefits for your organisation

The organisation is less likely to experience cyber related losses when its staff understand and apply basic cyber principles and practice good security hygiene. Underpinning this with a solid baseline understanding is key to realising these benefits.

Cyber Matters - Concepts and Principles

  • Introducing Cyber Security.
  • Why Cyber Matters.
  • Characteristics and Objectives of Cyber.
  • Considerations when Approaching Cyber.
  • Risk Management and Cyber.
  • Using a Holistic Approach.
  • Governance, Management and Cyber.
  • Standards and Cyber.
  • Basic Types of Cyber Control.
  • Physical Controls.
  • Logical Controls.

Cyber Attacks and Vulnerabilities

  • Define ‘Attack’.
  • Sources of Attack – Internal and External.
  • Network Attacks.
  • Social Attacks.
  • Technical Attacks.
  • Human Attacks.

Cyber Controls and Technologies

  • Access Controls.
  • Types of Controls.
  • Key Technologies for Access Control.
  • User Access Device Controls.
  • Cryptographic Controls.
  • Purpose and Objectives of Cryptography.
  • Types of Cryptography.
  • Network Controls.
  • VPN, Remote Access, Wireless, Firewalls, etc.
  • Operational Controls.
  • Facilities Controls.
  • Physical Controls, Utility Supply, etc.

Practices for Managing Cyber Risk

  • Information Management.
  • Classification, Handling, Document Management.
  • Information Retention and Disposal.
  • Cyber Incident Management Considerations.
  • Cyber Change Management Considerations.
  • Testing and Cyber.
  • People and Cyber.
  • Training.
  • Desired Behaviours.
  • Segregation of Duties and Dual Control.
  • Supplier and 3rd Party Considerations.
  • Audit Considerations.

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