PDL Collaboration and teamwork

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Public or Private

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A half-day bespoke, fun and engaging experiential learning workshop which explores the barriers to collaboration, both from a personal and an organisational perspective and how these can be overcome. Suitable for between 18-60 participants and perfect for company away days, remote teams, geographically-dispersed organisations, newly merged organisations and departments, and team-building days.

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Who is this course for

Any group that wants to improve their individual and collective ability to work together effectively, achieving set targets while working towards a collectively understood common goal.

You will learn how to

  • Be able to recognise and describe the benefits of collaboration

  • Be able to adopt a win-win approach to negotiations

  • Be able to describe the dangers and limitations of silo-working

  • Feel more confident in implementing practical actions to improve communication and collaboration in your workplace

  • Have gained a greater appreciation of your colleagues strengths and weaknesses

Benefits for you as an individual

Employees who feel more connected to each other as part of a larger group are more likely to have a sense of loyalty and belonging to the group, boosting productivity and morale.

Benefits for your organisation

By working in a team environment, individuals are able to achieve more through a collaborative effort, instead of going off on their own to only achieve their own personal objectives, and the results are often greater than what individuals can achieve by working independently of each other.

Core to this workshop is an experiential learning game, Heist, in which participants undertake the role of detectives trying to solve a crime. Suitable for between 18 and 60 participants, this original and highly-engaging game highlights the need for teams to collaborate and work together across organisations in order to achieve success.

An audacious bank robbery has taken place. A gang of crooks has tunnelled into the vault of a prestigious bank, from a neighbouring property and made off with a haul including some of the world’s most valuable diamonds. The crime must be solved, the thieves identified and brought to justice, and the haul of stolen money and priceless diamonds retrieved.

A number of squads of ‘elite’ detectives are on the case. Each squad of detectives has gathered evidence and each now has part of the puzzle. But will the teams’ competitive spirits kick in and see them try to seek individual glory? Will they hold onto information or will they realise that in order to solve the crime, it’s necessary to collaborate with their fellow detectives?

Following the game, a debrief takes place, focussing on the approach of the participants, what worked and what didn’t. Participants are able to easily see parallels with their own workplace and encouraged to think about more effective ways of communicating and collaborating across the organisation.  The workshop material can be tailored to cover a variety of communication and collaboration tools, techniques and approaches, dependant on the specific needs of the group and any specific learning objectives agreed at the time of booking. 

This game enthuses and prepares participants to go back to work, armed with a host of ideas and actions to improve cross-functional collaboration and communication; with a clearer understanding why a 'silo' mentality is counter-productive, and recognising the value of seeing the organisation as ONE BIG TEAM.

We also have a one day version of this workshop, incorporating a second experiential learning game.

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