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Helping Scrum teams build the right thing

Scrum is the most broadly practiced Agile framework in use today.  This 2 day course will give you the practical skills you need to be a successful Product owner within an Agile environment.

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Purpose of this course

This two day course will introduce delegates to the role and responsibilities of the Product Owner. Through a mixture of seminars and exercises attendees will not only learn about this pivotal role, but also pick up practical tips to help them create the best possible product.

Who is this course for

Product Owners are often drawn from many walks of life, project managers, product managers, business analyst and marketeers all bring different perspective to the role.

If you are likely to be charged with ensuring a product delivers maximum value to your customers, this is the course for you.

You will learn how to
  • Create and manage a product vision that inspires developers and customers alike.
  • CraftUser Stories that allow clear communication between the customer and the development team.
  • Create themes and personas that allow you to get to grips with what your customers want from a product.
  • Define the minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Own and refine the product backlog (PBL)
Benefits for your organisation

The product owner role is primarily responsible for ensuring that the Scrum team deliver value to the business, yet often companies neglect to invest in this vital position. A well trained and empowered product owner will build inspiring product visions, ensure that the most valuable features arrive to wow customers early and prevent features that don't add value from ever being built.

Benefits for you as an individual

Many product owners are thrown in the deep-end, whether you’ve come from a business analysis, marketing, project management or product management background this role will be different to any you have known before, and more rewarding. This course will highlight your key responsibilities and give you practical tips on how to rapidly return value to the business.

What is Scrum?

The Agile Manifesto
What flexes?
How does this work in Scrum?

Scrum Roles

The Development Team
The ScrumMaster
The Product Owner
How Do the Roles Work Together?
Is this the end of Project Managers?

The Product Vision

Managing the Vision
Qualities of a Successful Vision
Areas of Stakeholder Value

User Stories

Why Use User Stories?
INVESTing in Excellent User Stories
Handling Epics
Utilising Personas & Themes
Definition of Ready

The Product Back Log

Owning the PBL
Creating a DEEP PBL


Precision vs. Accuracy
Units of Estimations
Agile Estimating

Release Planning

Prioritisation Techniques
Minimum Viable Product
The Product Roadmap

Monitoring Progress

Burndown Charts
Release Burnup Charts
Kanban Boards

Product Owner Qualities & Pitfalls

There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Pre-course work required

There is no pre-course reading required.

Pre-course reading and post-course support on Quanta Learn.

More about the exam

The exam is not taken during the course but delegates will be sent a password and link shortly after the course, allowing the online exam to be sat.  Please note some additional study will be required to top up your Scrum knowledge before taking the exam.

Passing score: 85%.  Time limit: 60 minutes.  Format: Multiple Choice and True/False

Exam Fee

About the Lead Trainer

Our Agile ‘evangelist’, it’s safe to say that Howie lives and breathes an Agile life. Never to be seen without a pack of post it notes and a sharpie pen in his back pocket, Howie coaches and trains our customers by sharing his passion for more efficient ways of working.