Scaled Agile Workshop

A framework-neutral, hands-on journey through the word of multi-team agility

LeSS, SAFe®, Nexus, DAD – the world of scaled Agile is littered with frameworks, methodologies and dogma. Our vanilla Scaled Agile Worksop will help you explore the options available for scaling Agility and you the time to begin to frame your next steps into multi-team agile endeavours. 

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2 Days
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

Whether you are new to multi-team Agile, or have been running Scrum of Scrums for months, scaling is a step-change in complexity for most enterprises. This workshop aims to provide a scaling toolkit and a critical mindset to help shape a team-of-teams that is effective, efficient and adaptive. We only offer this course as in-house training to ensure that conversations can be on-point and lead to impactful changes being taken back to the floor from day one.

Who is this course for

This course has two primary audiences: those who are about to scale for the first time and wish to avoid the most common pitfalls and those who have been in a scaled environment for some time and are looking for a fresh perspective and new patterns to experiment with.

Benefits for your organisation

The challenge of scaling Agility for most organisations is how to maintain self-managing teams while building the degree of co-ordination that is vital for multi-team endeavours to succeed. This workshop will provide attendees with critical thinking skills to work with their Agile teams that allow synergy at a team-of-teams level while maximising autonomy at the single-team level.

Benefits for you as an individual

As agile working practices spread to an ever-widening audience, the demand for agilists who can help enterprises navigate the minefield that is scaled Agile is growing. This workshop will give you insight to the most common frameworks (LeSS, SAFe®, Nexus, S@S etc.) but, more importantly, give you insight into the most common problems encountered in multi-team environments and a toolbox of patterns to help resolve them.


Due to the workshop nature of this course as much as 50% of the context can flex based on the current challenges faced by the team, what follows below represents core content, plus some of the more common challenges encountered in a scaled environment.

Scaling fundamentals

•    What is scaling anyway?
•    Why scale
•    Drawbacks of scaling
•    Conway’s law
•    Descaling
•    Golden rules of scaling
•    Principles, frameworks, guides & experiments

An introduction to scaling frameworks

•    Scaled Agile Framework
•    Large Scale Scrum
•    Nexus 
•    Scrum @ Scale

Exploration: Roles

•    The ScrumMaster or Agile Coach at scale
•    Product Management at scale
•    Developers at scale
•    The Taylorism vs. mission control

Explorations: Events

•    Discovery at scale
•    Planning at scale
•    Refinement at scale
•    Scrum of Scrums of Scrums of…
•    Product feedback at scale
•    Kaizen events at scale

Explorations: Artefacts & commitments

•    Product transparency at scale
•    Iteration co-ordination at scale
•    Increment integration at scale

Exploration: Common challenges

•    Multi-organisation Agile
•    Working in highly regulated environments
•    Cyber-physical products
•    Expertise scarcity
•    Multi-cultural, non-collocated team-of-teams
•    Local optimisation vs. stagnation
•    Cookie-cutter Agility


Experience of single team Agility or holding an entry level Agile certification (CSM®, PSM I, CSPO®, PSPO I, KMP etc.) is essential.