Project Phoenix - a Project Management Business Game

A Project Management Business Game

The crowds are waiting… competitors are watching expectantly. Can Project Phoenix resurrect your theme park’s dwindling trade or is the ride of your life likely to derail before it even begins? You need to bring all your Project Management excellence to ensure success. Can you live up to those high expectations?

Quanta's Project Phoenix business game bridges the gap between knowledge and behaviour, enabling delegates to learn for themselves the importance of not just learning, but applying sound project principles. Each team member will have the opportunity to experience various roles with the project – how will you ace up to being Project Manager as the launch date approaches?

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1 Day
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

Delegates taking part in Project Phoenix Business Game take on the roles of a project management team tasked with selecting and implementing an initiative to reverse the dwindling trade of the theme park business Tolerant Sow.

Delegates will experience the following parts of the project lifecycle: Requirements Management, Resource Scheduling, Project Implementation and Post Project Review.

They will also have the option of being exposed to one additional module from Developing a Business Case, Stakeholder Analysis, or Risk Management.

Alternatively, if taken as a two day course all modules can be experienced.

Who is this course for

Anyone who works in a project management role, whether an experienced veteran or a novice project support officer.

You will learn how to
  • Work as a team to ensure time, cost and quality are kept within tolerance.
  • Communicate effectively both with your team and with key stakeholders.
  • Understand the importance of requirements gathering.
  • Practice scheduling techniques such as developing a Work Break Down Structure and Resource Smoothing.
  • Monitor and communicate key information about the performance of your project.
  • Record pertinent lessons learned to help ensure the success of future projects.
Benefits for your organisation

Project Phoenix can be geared toward companies operating PRINCE2®, APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ), previously known as APMP or in house methodologies and, as such, create a genuine testing and training ground for your project management team.

Benefits for you as an individual

For those with prior experience of projects this simulation will allow you to fine tune your skills under the watchful eyes of one of our facilitators. For those new to Projects this course will give you a chance to learn the essentials in a hands-on format.

Developing a Business Case

Content and purpose of the business case
Assessing business options

Stakeholder Analysis

Analysing stakeholders
Constructing a communications plan

Requirements Management

Gathering requirements
Evaluating solutions


Work Breakdown Structures
Critical Path analysis
Resource Allocation Tables

Risk Management

Identifying Risks
Probability Impact Diagrams
Assessing Risks
Planning mitigative actions


Project Status & Highlight Reports
The role of the Project Manager
Time, cost and quality

Post Project Review

Project End Reports
Lessons Learnt Reports
Valuing continuous improvement


A willingness to engage with a challenging all day experiential learning experience.

About the Lead Trainer

Adam Montgomery heads up our leadership and management portfolio and is wildly passionate about developing people. He has over twenty years’ experience in the training industry, has set up and ran two businesses, worked at director level with many customers, led and grown organisations, been a professional stand-up comedian, is an inspiring public speaker and is currently writing a book on the challenges of IT management.