Business Games

Quanta Business Games steer away from traditional training methods and instead put delegates into a situational based learning environment with real life scenarios, pressures and challenges.

  • Compresses time for fast learning
  • Magnifies and explores actual working behaviour
  • Increases retention of knowledge
  • Identifies and deals with hidden issues without conflict
  • Strengthens the feedback loop via emotional connections with experiences
  • Relaxes people to talk and reflect upon themselves  without the feeling of being attacked or judged


Project Phoenix Business Game

The crowds are waiting…competitors are watching expectantly. Can Project Phoenix resurrect your theme park’s dwindling trade or is the ride of your life likely to derail before it even begins? You need to bring all your Project Management excellence to ensure success. Can you live up to those high expectations?

Quanta's Project Phoenix business game bridges the gap between knowledge and behaviour, enabling delegates to learn for themselves the importance of not just learning, but applying sound project principles. Each team member will have the opportunity to experience various roles with the project – how will you ace up to being Project Manager as the launch date approaches?

Apollo 13 Business Game

87 hours from home. Your spacecraft is slowly dying. You have a serious problem, unless you and the ground support staff start working as a team to solve it, people will die. But remember, time is running out. And fast. Welcome to the Apollo 13 – an IT Service Management (ITSM) case experience.

You will gain first-hand knowledge of ITSM theory and learn how ITSM processes are used in other environments. Understand the interdependence of processes and their impact on business continuity. Learn how good design can improve the performance of the service department. Understand how good processes can be improved by designing and implementing as a team and the importance of a successful awareness campaign.

Raise the Terror Business Game

Your gear is packed, the hatches are battened, now it’s down to your team to find the HMS Terror, Franklin’s ill-fated last command. You’ll have to use all your Scrum skills to balance the salvage operation with your secondary commission to carry out important scientific research in the area and return to port before the ice sets in.

Individuals returning from the business simulation will be able to dive into Scrum at the deep-end having practised their skills in a controlled environment. They will understand what value means to the business, and particularly how rapidly releasing features to customers ensures that this is maximised. Vitally, being a simulation, Raise the Terror business game will help to bridge the gap between knowing Scrum and living Scrum.

More Business Games

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