Virtual Classroom Learning

The world is changing. And so are we. Quanta Training is now offering Virtual Classroom Learning (VCL).


Isolation is bringing new challenges and fears. Our VCL lets you make the most of staying at home. Quanta Training courses are now deliverable through versatile online training software, which gives you the same expert training experience as you’re used to – but from anywhere you like! Just grab some basic tech and you’re ready for business as usual.  

We’ve now transformed almost all of our portfolio to our VCL now. If you have any specific questions then we are happy to talk to you – just get in touch with us today!




You may also want to check out our Virtual Visa which gives unlimited access to virtual courses for a certain time period!



Here are some key features of our Virtual Classroom Learning:



Video Link

Video Link

Delegates will see and hear the Trainer via a video link. The Trainer can also see your webcam as a delegate.


Two-way screen sharing

Screens shared will differ depending on course content. Be it a PowerPoint presentation or, for Technical courses, the screen showcasing and demonstrating the software. Trainers can share their screens, but also request that the delegate shares their screen too, creating the ultimate in two-way connectivity.


Two-way control

In addition to simply sharing screens,the Trainer can give a delegate the ability to control the Trainer’s computer or equally request the control of a delegate’s computer. It’s the virtual version of leaning over your shoulder and taking control of your mouse for a second to help you out. Connectivity shifts to interactivity.



Who doesn’t love a bit of drawing? With virtual classroom learning, artistry need not end. The trainer can draw on the screen that they are sharing, highlighting important points to all delegates or drawing over their slides. In addition, the trainer can also give a delegate the ability to draw on the screen for all to see, just like they would hand over a whiteboard marker in the classroom.


Polls & Tests

As well as engaging with the delegates verbally, the trainer can use interactive polls and tests. The easiest way to think of polls is like a “Who wants to be a Millionaire” Ask The Audience. After delegates have taken part,the trainer can either use that information to influence their ongoing delivery or to share the anonymised results with the class. Tests are exactly what you’d expect. A series of questions which the trainer has set. Delegates can go through these at their own pace and once again the Trainer can then see the aggregated results and share with the class if they so wish.


Breakout rooms

It is the virtual version of wheeling your chair over into the corner! Just like in a traditional classroom, delegates can collaborate on a document or discuss a topic set by the Trainer. The Trainer can jump in and out of each breakout room as they wish, just like they would walk around in the physical world.



The delegates have the ability to send chat messages to the trainer, vice versa, or classroom wide. These messages can be especially useful if a delegate is having an issue that the trainer needs to be made aware of, or if the trainer notices that a delegate is struggling in some way.

Coffee and biscuits

Tea, Coffee & Biscuits

Sorry there are some things that even we simply cannot do virtually. But rest assure you will have regular breaks, maybe more regular than in the real world, to keep you engaged and ready to learn more. Might as well be comfy if you’re at home!