Andrea Crane

MOD Administrator

Andrea has been working at Quanta for as long as anyone can remember - simply because she stubbornly refused to move out.

In those early days we refused Andrea holiday for fear of structural destabilisation, only allowing her a brief jaunt to Australia once our sales team had grown in size and stature. A few years later she decided to move to pastures anew a shock to us all, an unprecedented event that caused a butterfly to flap its wings in a rainforest with disastrous consequences.

After a period of global uncertainty involving Icelandic volcanoes, middle-eastern turbulence and a shortage of green pens at local libraries we were glad to see Andrea return. The agitated butterfly relaxed, the boom-and-bust years were over and our building was able to pass structural inspections once more.

Please keep calling Andrea who will be more than happy to help with all your queries . The ramifications of not getting the paperwork back in time causes whole galaxies to shudder and ring their mums for comfort.