Build your own ThirdBrain™ solution

Our ThirdBrain™ Training or Simulations can be a powerful way to leverage your team, but imagine how much more powerful they can be when the ThirdBrain™ solution mirrors the challenges faced by your company every day.  Or if during the delivery delegates utilise forms and processes used within their company…

All of this is possible with a Tailored ThirdBrain™ solution.

The ultimate in flexibility…

All of our ThirdBrain™ solutions can be tailored in a myriad of ways to meet your specific learning outcomes.  Possibilities include:

  • Increased focus on particular areas such as management of risk or service design
  • Creating scenarios within them where the importance of teamwork or communication become even more important
  • Utilisation of corporate language, existing corporate forms and reporting structures
  • Introduction of risks which are specific to the company
  • Adding an assessment factor to benchmark the existing performance of your team

Bespoke ThirdBrain™

Still not what you are looking for…  Our experienced ThirdBrain™ Facilitators are capable of building a Custom ThirdBrain™ solution to meet your specific needs.  A custom offering may deal with a technology or process which is unique to you or address a particular set of challenges which threaten your business.

In the past we have been approached about:

  • Preparation of construction personnel for the challenge of working on projects in a hostile environment overseas
  • Helping IT teams responsible for LAN installations think ‘out of the box’