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DASA DevOps Practitioner

Designed to provide the core education necessary to put DevOps into practice.

The key focus of DevOps Practitioner is on the four skill areas that have been defined by DASA and are required for successful DevOps results. The course helps you know why the four skills: courage, teambuilding, leadership and continuous improvement, are the necessary skills for a DevOps environment.

2 Days

Leading SAFe® with SA Certification Overview

The principles and practices of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe)

Empower your enterprise to succeed in a disruptive marketplace when you become a SAFe Agilist (SA) with a skillset that's in demand worldwide.

2 Days

SAFe® for Teams with SAFe® Practitioner Certification

Learn to collaborate effectively with other teams as a SAFe® Practitioner.

Build your skills as a high-performing team member of an Agile Release Train (ART) and learn how to collaborate effectively with other teams when you become a SAFe® Practitioner (SP).

2 Days

ITIL Foundation and Practitioner FAST TRACK INTENSIVE

Blog Post by Jo Wright on Fri, 11/8/2017 - 09:18

Quanta is pleased to announce the launch of ‘ITIL Foundation and Practitioner FAST TRACK INTENSIVE’ - a new course which combines the ITIL Foundation and ITIL Practitioner courses for those that need both the broad understanding and the principles of organisational change to apply that learning into one.


ITIL® Foundation and Practitioner Certificate in IT Service Management FAST TRACK INTENSIVE

Need to attend both ITIL Foundation and Practitioner? How about our combined Fast Track course...

Covering both ITIL Foundation and ITIL Practitioner syllabi, this course introduces the core concepts of IT Service Management (ITSM) and also how organisations can get ready to adopt and adapt ITSM into their business-as-usual working. Please see the individual outlines for more information.

The course is intensive, running from 08:30 - 17:00 each day in order to cover the material and make the best use of the alloted time.

The course involves MANDATORY pre-course reading and exam practice, both of which are essential to ensure the success of the session. See 'Pre-requisites' for more information.

4 Days

What Resilia is (and also what it isn't)

Security is a hot topic, has been for a long time and it’s only getting hotter: The new GDPR is about to come in and make compliance even more challenging than it already is. Stories abound regarding this firm or that firm that has been hacked. The discussion of Brexit and how that frames relationships with trading partners and the need for security compliance.  There’s a lot going on.

Prince2 2017 Exam is Tough

Firstly, let me introduce myself.  I’m the in-house Prince2 trainer for Quanta and I’ve been delivering Prince2 training for just shy of ten years.  And boy was the new exam hard!


How to change when change is constant

Blog Post by Alex Smith on Fri, 21/7/2017 - 17:36

It is extremely rare for any organisation to change without some external pressure to do so. There are a great number of factors beyond the control of most organisations that can apply such pressures – changes in the political landscape, the economy and sociological aspects that may prompt a change in customer demands to name but a few.