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Hacking Like Aristotle - Getting Ethical

Loopholes are great. They allow people to squirm out of certain situations on technicalities, but sadly the converse is also true - they allow people to get into things that they shouldn’t. Loopholes in IT networks are weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers. Just because you don’t know the weak point exists, doesn’t mean an attacker can’t find it. Read on to learn more about the heroes in shining white hats that protect our systems through ethical hacking!

Don’t let your business sleep with the “phishes” – Improve your cyber security

Online security is an imperative for any business. You only have to look at the range of terrible outcomes for those targeted. From ethical hacking, to ransomware, to good ol’ fashioned IP theft – the digital landscape is too unpredictable to make any assumptions about your cyber wellbeing. There are precautions that you can take to recognise and avert potential cyber crises, but no one is without flaw and no system is impenetrable. Being aware of cyber weaknesses and the damage that these weaknesses leave you susceptible to will open your eyes to the value of cyber security improvements. Beware – there are some horror stories ahead.

Train the Trainer

How to plan and deliver effective training that is engaging, memorable and impactful.

A practical, engaging and interactive course that covers all aspects of training design and delivery. You will deliver a short training session after learning techniques to make it engaging and memorable. You will receive tutor and peer feedback on your training delivery session.

2 Days

The Agile Novice's Scrum Cheat Sheet

Agile is a wonder, but it's also not a mindset that can be instantly engrained into your head with a cheat code. If you’re completely new to Agile as a concept, then suddenly jumping into an agile project will likely be completely bewildered. But Agile can provide an incredible uptake in efficiency and profitability for those who undertake the change, with a 27% increase projects reporting cost reduction in 2019. This is partly why we took it upon ourselves to compile a cheat sheet of our own, for those who are either new to Agile or are considering an Agile mindset for upcoming project or product development.

RIP Windows 7 – The implications of losing support

All good things must come to an end. Even the best of products cease to be relevant once a superior successor enters the market. Microsoft has sent out the message: Windows 7 will have reached the end of its lifespan on January 14th 2020. But don’t enter a period of mourning just yet, because for those not yet transitioned to Windows 10, there is an opportunity to develop your systems through adopting Windows 10.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

How to comply with legislation, tackle discrimination and promote good relationships in the workplace.

This engaging and interactive course is designed to help you understand more about your responsibilities for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It covers equality legislation and best practice; as well as highlighting the benefits of pursuing such policies.

The course can be run in one of two formats: either as an standard workshop or with the inclusion of actors who, through the use of Forum theatre, bring the learning to life in an engaging and interactive way.

1 Day

A Training Success Story – Michael Finley’s Post-Service Development

Not many people serving in the MoD will stay in their position for their entire life – the majority will eventually return to civilian life once their service is up, or if negative circumstances force a premature exit from a position within the armed forces. This means the transition could be planned or forced upon the individual. Either way, planning for the challenges that any subsequent phases of employment may bring couldn’t be more important; and it can all be hugely simplified if you have the right guidance, as proven by former British Army member Michael Finley.

Creating and Maintaining High Performance Teams

How to lead resilient, empowered and powerful teams

A one day course that explores the skills, behaviours and qualities required of a leader to build and manage high performance teams. Based upon the latest research and the theories of many management and leadership thinkers, such as Patrick Lencioni and John Whitmore, this course provides you with all the knowledge you need to lead your team to success.

1 Day

ELC's - Give yourself some credit

Ex-military forces rejoice! Due to an improved employment rate for those who have left the military (8 out of 10, higher than current UK employment rates), the future looks brighter than it has ever been before for those seeking work post-service. Sadly, barriers will always remain between industries for anyone without recognised training qualifications. So, regardless of rank or title – are you making the most of your ELC’s?