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Training funding for ex-forces employees

Blog Post by Jo Wright on Mon, 19/3/2018 - 10:49

Forces leavers are given Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) that they can use to gain skills and qualifications to transition into civilian life.  This infographic gives an overview of the ELC rules and how employers can help.  Training for your ex-forces employees is available from Quanta and we have a dedicated Forces Training Team on hand should you have any questions.  Contact the team or call 0800 018 3975.

NEW Agile Scrum video

Blog Post by Jo Wright on Tue, 13/3/2018 - 15:11

If there's just 1 thing you could invest your time in today in the Agile sphere, this should be it.  We'd like to share with you a 24 minute video that will leave you in no doubt whether you want to explore Agile Scrum further.....and if you do, Howie Bartrip is on hand to answer your questions, just get in touch.

Watch video:



What is SIAM?

Blog Post by Jo Wright on Mon, 26/2/2018 - 11:18

Simply put, it is in the name: service integration and management, and in particular service integration across multiple providers. The management of multiple service providers by a single organisation provides significant challenges in overall administration. SIAM seeks to address the need to provide a standardised methodology for integrating and managing multiple service providers and their services.

The VeriSM Authors' Intro

Blog Post by Jo Wright on Tue, 20/2/2018 - 11:59

If you're completely new to VeriSM, take a listen to a 2 minute intro from the very authors themselves, and if you want to know more, Quanta's Adam White-Bower is the very first APMG International accreditated trainer to take you through your options. Learn more.

Video link:



RESILIA Foundation & Practitioner

The complete best practice for cyber resilience underpinning cyber security course

How secure is your business? How valuable are your assets? How would loss of precious data affect you? What if that precious data was valuable intellectual property lost to a competitor? What happens when you discover a security breach? How could you recover from such a severe loss? Can your business survive a catastrophic security incident? Or are you the next whale waiting to be harpooned?

The world is changing so fast, with new threats emerging every day. We can't completely safeguard against every threat, but we can certainly do something about known vulnerabilities and plan for worst-case scenarios. This is where RESILIA comes in: a best practice framework of cyber security designed to help plan and protect your organisation.

Read the factsheet about RESILIA here

5 Days

VeriSM – Service Management thinking is changing into the future

2017 was a frustrating year for me in ITSM. ITIL, in its current form, has been around for 10 years (the 2011 revision warmed it up a little, but wasn’t exactly been a big change, let’s face it) and that’s a long time in IT terms. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that ITIL has suddenly become irrelevant (it hasn’t) or that IT has somehow changed out of all recognition. BUT there have been big changes in approach throughout service delivery and we’re still waiting for ITIL to catch up.

RESILIA Practitioner

Current best practice for cyber resilience underpinning cyber security

Your business expects you to not only know what RESILIA is, but to be able to put it into practice. This course takes that Foundation learning you've got and enables you to take it to the next level by ensuring your organisation is asking the right questions, knows what the business requires, and can align it with existing practice. 

Read the factsheet about RESILIA here

2 Days

GDPR for Techies

Blog Post by Jason Ford on Thu, 18/1/2018 - 14:02


Over the last 6 months as I’ve been delivering various technical courses one question keeps being thrown at me:

VeriSM Foundation - iFDC

Services for the digital transformation age.

Start here for a comprehensive overview on this new approach to delivering consumer-focused services from the whole organisation, not just IT.

2 Days

VeriSM Essentials - iFDC

Services for the digital transformation age.

This course gives you the fundamentals about this exciting new approach to enable the whole organisation to be the service provider.

1 Day