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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

How to comply with legislation, tackle discrimination and promote good relationships in the workplace.

This engaging and interactive course is designed to help you understand more about your responsibilities for promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It covers equality legislation and best practice; as well as highlighting the benefits of pursuing such policies.

The course can be run in one of two formats: either as an standard workshop or with the inclusion of actors who, through the use of Forum theatre, bring the learning to life in an engaging and interactive way.

1 Day

A Training Success Story – Michael Finley’s Post-Service Development

Not many people serving in the MoD will stay in their position for their entire life – the majority will eventually return to civilian life once their service is up, or if negative circumstances force a premature exit from a position within the armed forces. This means the transition could be planned or forced upon the individual. Either way, planning for the challenges that any subsequent phases of employment may bring couldn’t be more important; and it can all be hugely simplified if you have the right guidance, as proven by former British Army member Michael Finley.

Creating and Maintaining High Performance Teams

How to lead resilient, empowered and powerful teams

A one day course that explores the skills, behaviours and qualities required of a leader to build and manage high performance teams. Based upon the latest research and the theories of many management and leadership thinkers, such as Patrick Lencioni and John Whitmore, this course provides you with all the knowledge you need to lead your team to success.

1 Day

ELC's - Give yourself some credit

Ex-military forces rejoice! Due to an improved employment rate for those who have left the military (8 out of 10, higher than current UK employment rates), the future looks brighter than it has ever been before for those seeking work post-service. Sadly, barriers will always remain between industries for anyone without recognised training qualifications. So, regardless of rank or title – are you making the most of your ELC’s?

1% For The Planet

This has been a record-breaking year for the planet – in all the worst ways. More extreme weather reports than ever before, rising sea levels affecting entire communities, the highest global temperatures ever recorded, and unparalleled rates of species extinction. Change needs to happen. Urgently. Join Quanta Training in action!

Explore. Learn. Embed. Excel.

Best practice is something that every company strives for. This may be to comply with legal or ethical requirements or to achieve superior results. Either way by having a clear best practice it ensures that everyone in the organisation is trying to accomplish the same goal.

Explore. Learn. Embed. Excel.

Quanta can help you on the journey to Project and Programme management success. The tools and pathways available to you are tailored specifically to your projects. We're not just working for your organisation, we're working with it. Integration is easily achieved when you follow the 12-month ELEE programme.