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BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering

Gather and Document Requirements

This three-day course focuses on the tools and techniques you need when gathering and documenting requirements as a Business Analyst. 

This course is recommended for people who already have some experience in gathering and documenting requirements and would like to formalise their skills and gain the BCS certificate in Requirements Engineering. 

No matter how much experience you have, the 5-day course is designed to be the best possible entry onto the BCS International Diploma. 

This course should only be taken by candidates who have started their Diploma elsewhere and already completed the BCS Foundation in Business Analysis course.

3 Days

BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

Investigate, Model and Improve Business Processes

Business processes are the means by which an organisation carries out internal operations and delivers its products and services to its customers. This course is concerned with the investigation, modelling and improvement of these business processes. Candidates are required to appreciate the hierarchy for business processes, and apply business process modelling techniques within a framework for business process improvement.

This course covers the syllabus and exam for the BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes - a Practitioner specialism module for the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.

2 Days

BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

The Strategic Aspects of Business Analysis

Understanding how to apply business analysis change techniques at a strategic level is as important as project level application. 

2 Days

BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis - 1 Day

Cement Your Business Analysis Knowledge

Designed to be taken by candidates who have completed our Fundamentals of Business Analysis - including BCS Requirements Engineering course, this draws together and helps you to revise the key concepts, techniques and approaches required within Business Analysis.

This course is a great wrap-up-and-remind, designed to help BCS Diploma candidates to cover the final elements required in the BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis syllabus and to complete the exam.

1 Day

BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

A Broad Overview of Business Analysis

Attendees will gain an understanding of the range of concepts, approaches and techniques that are applicable to Business Analysis.

The course focuses on key understanding of these concepts and approaches and less on the practical application. 

Note that although this course is named as a foundation course, many candidates find it preferable to sit this course as the last course they do on the way to the diploma, using it as a wrap-up-and-remind course.

3 Days

Government Frameworks and Procurement

Quanta is a prime supplier with several public sector frameworks, covering both central government and the wider public sector. We specialise in providing Project & Programme Management, Technical IT, IT Service Management and Management Development training programmes that are designed to have maximum impact amongst learners to assist in achieving organisation goals.


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AgilePM® Practitioner

Learn all the key benefits of Agile and prepare for the world's leading certification in Agile Project Management.

Agile techniques have been gaining traction in recent years, helping companies to work more efficiently and effectively when delivering projects. This AgilePM course shows how to successfully combine Agile techniques with more traditional governance methodologies, such as PRINCE2® and PMI®.

2 Days

Agile - Large organisation, slow to catch on?

Blog Post by Jo Wright on Wed, 25/4/2018 - 13:04

Most business management trends start with large businesses and filter down to smaller ones. With Agile we’ve seen quite the opposite. The movement started in small, highly innovative businesses and is now taking center stage in big organisations from large financial institutions to utilities companies, charities and local government.