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VeriSM Essentials - iFDC

Services for the digital transformation age.

This course gives you the fundamentals about this exciting new approach to enable the whole organisation to be the service provider.

1 Day

VeriSM Plus - iFDC

Services for the digital transformation age.

If you already hold a Foundation-level service management qualification then this is the course to inform you about the next stage in organisation-wide service delivery.

1 Day

GDPR Technical Tools

A look at how you comply with your organisations GDPR requirements using your existing Microsoft technical infrastructure

With the introduction of GDPR on the horizon, identifying and managing data effectively has never been more important. This hands-on technical course will show you how you can use your existing technologies including Active Directory, SharePoint and Exchange to support your GDPR adoption. 

3 Days

Quanta Trainers

The majority of our training is developed and delivered by our own in-house team of trainers. This allows us to be incredibly flexible in our offering (see our blog about tailoring courses to your need) and enables us to ensure that the training that you are getting has great content and is delivered effectively.

APM Chartered Status update blog post

Blog Post by Alex Smith on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 14:59

As usual, we’ve been incredibly busy here in the run up to Christmas and the New Year.

As one of the many things we’ve been doing in what promises to be an exciting 2018, we’ve been actively involved in the consultation process contributing towards the development of the Association of Project Managers’ (APM) new Chartered Standard for project professionals.

Tailoring to your need

How often, when shopping for perhaps a laptop or a piece of furniture, do you find the perfect product straight off the shelf? The same can be said of training – often when choosing a course to skill up your team, you look at the off the shelf options and think… my team know half of that course and half of that course… wouldn’t it be perfect if we could combine the two courses into one, relevant and cost effective course?

ITSM and Universities – what I’ve been thinking about lately…..

IT Service Management has never been more important to the higher and further education sector than it is now. Everybody has the technology, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is here and isn’t going away anytime soon. ‘New and Shiny’ will get you so far but I don’t think it’s the differentiator it once was. My experience with universities over the last couple of years has led me to the conclusion that it’s the service provided and the effectiveness and efficiency with which it is provided that is going to be key moving forwards.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) Foundation

Integrating service providers to achieve your customer’s goals is key to success

SIAM is a comprehensive view on managing relationships with a diverse range of partner and vendor organisations, all contributing towards end-to-end IT services. The SIAM Foundation Certificate is aimed at anybody that needs a broad understanding of best practice in this fast growing area of management and one that has proved consistently challenging, especially with the fast pace of technological change.

3 Days

Real World Examples

At Quanta, we believe that training should not be straight out of a textbook or staring blankly at a PowerPoint presentation. The majority of our trainers have real world experience of living and breathing the product that they are training. Our trainers are not just trainers – they also do a lot of consultative work with our customers and so have been heavily involved in applying their knowledge to live environments. It is not uncommon to see Howie sit in a scrum stand-up with one of our customers or to see Jason working with a customer to migrate to Office 365.

Pre Course Work and Exam(s) included

Quanta are here to make your training journey as enjoyable and slick as possible. For many of our courses, we have dedicated courses setup in our online Moodle Platform, Quanta Learn, which contains past exam papers, quizzes and useful resources specific to the course you are attending. Asking delegates to do this learning before the course enables us to make the course as consultative and engaging as we can – the trainer can spend more time exploring and discussing ideas rather than simply reading through a textbook in front of a class of delegates.