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Python for Data Analysis

Python is one of the top programming languages in the world and continues to grow

Python is a widely used general-purpose, high level programming language.  It is growing in popularity due to its emphasis on code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code.  This 3-day introduction course will get you started by understanding the basics.

3 Days

Introduction to R Programming

Master the basics of data analysis using the R Language

R is the common language of data science and has long been popular among data scientists. It is highly extensible and provides a wide variety of statistical, machine learning methods and predictive modelling techniques.  Recently due to a focus on data, reporting and big data R is becoming more common place and this introductory course will teach you the basics to start you off on your R journey.

1 Day

CompTIA PenTest+

Security controls can’t be trusted until they’re tested

The CompTIA PenTest+ certification verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to plan and scope an assessment, understand legal and compliance requirements, perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, analyse data, and effectively report and communicate results.

5 Days

Armed Forces Day at Quanta

Yesterday marked the first day of #ArmedForcesWeek which leads up to Armed Forces Day on 29th June 2019. Here at Quanta we celebrated a little early, opting instead to celebrate it last Monday as we had a large number of Armed Forces delegates in the building.

Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®)

An introductory course for those wishing to fulfil the role of Scrum Master or Scrum team member.

As a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM®), you’ll help the Scrum Team perform at their highest level; CSMs also protect the team from both internal and external distractions. Through the certification process, you will learn the Scrum framework and gain an understanding of team roles, events, and artefacts.

2 Days

Controls and Compliance Workshop

Gain greater business value while assuring the management and control you require.

This practical workshop looks at what controls are, their role in assuring value, protecting the organisation and achieving governance objectives. Through discussion of the principles of management and control as well as workshop exercises to evaluate controls, design audit frameworks, considering capability and continual improvement, delegates can gain greater insight into how controls can be integrated without sacrificing business value.

1 Day

ITIL4® Awareness

Understand what the latest version of ITIL offers to further your Service Management efforts.

This course is intended to provide delegates with an overview of the ITIL4® framework. It covers the basics of understanding VALUE from a Service Management perspective, the 7 Guiding Principles, the major Service Management Practices and the Service Value System.

As an Awareness course it does not go into as much detail in these areas as a full ITIL4® Foundation course would over 3 days. Where that level of coverage isn't required, such as where non-IT staff need an appreciation of how service management could benefit them and what it means to them, then this should be the appropriate amount of coverage.

1 Day

The power of a positive mind…

One of my favourite quotes in life is attributed to Henry T Ford – “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t – you are probably right”. When I did one of my courses on training at the excellent TAP academy, I was taught that “Belief creates reality”. In short, I must as a trainer approach each delegate as someone who can get the material and will excel at it. As a trainer, I am blessed with a new set of delegates each week. A new course...

How healthy is your organisation?

We aren’t talking about finances. We are talking about your workforce. Healthy people are happier, more engaged and more productive. Stress, anxiety and depression are the biggest cause of sickness absence in our society. Mental ill health is responsible for 91 million working days lost every year. It affects 1 in 4 people each year...

Estimates are not reality

Estimates are not reality - no matter how much we might hope them to be. You know the scenario: Roadworks are put in place. An end date is scheduled. The end date is then missed. ‘Why can't we plan these projects so that we deliver the work on time?’ is the common cry! A number of us in the Midlands have seen this scenario with the roadworks on the M5 at Oldbury Viaduct (between Junctions 1 and 2). The project started in January 2017...