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Summit Scrum – a Live Online Scrum Business Game

Discover Scrum by doing it. Drawing inspiration from our other business games, Summit Scrum takes this immersive learning style into the digital space.

Adventure tourism is a tough market to break into. Can you and your Scrum team build the collateral necessary to attract customers before the booking window for the season closes? How will you respond to competitor activity and market opportunities? You’ll need to leverage your agility to the maximum to finally Summit Scrum.

1 Day

Managing People Remotely

Through this course you will understand how you can get the most out of your team when managing from a far

A comprehensive Quanta course covering the key aspects of remote people management, whether in a departmental or project environment. Do some people seem to be natural managers and get on with everyone?  Why is this? Perhaps you are one of them?  We explore this and many other questions in this course. 

2 Days

Virtual Visa

Your unlimited learning pass

The virtual visa is a license that allows truly limitless VCL (Virtual Classroom Learning) attendance within your chosen timeframe. Periods of 1, 2 or 3-months will be available to choose between, allowing you a flexibility that compliments your personal learning programme.

Is it easy to use?

When you purchase your Virtual Visa, you’ll be given a list of all our available VCL courses – that’s nearly our entire traditional portfolio! From there, simply book yourself on to a course of your choosing! It couldn’t be simpler.

University Remote Working Toolkit

When pivoting the way in which you work, shifting mindset to remain focused is hard enough. Beyond that, new technologies and skills are required to assist in achieving peak productivity.

There’s a lot to consider, we know.

Remote work is a unique challenge, whatever your position is within a team. No matter your circumstance, our remote-specific courses will aid in both long and short-term remote working success! Quanta has developed courses of learning to help everyone: home workers, those managing home workers and the IT department supporting the remote operation.

Virtual Classroom Learning (VCL) – Pass rates and Exam Flexibility

It’s natural to question things that you are unsure of. Getting reassuring answers to these questions is all you can hope for. Well, for those of you wondering about Quanta’s new VCL training, we can provide that reassurance. Seeing as the world has seen a recent pivot to a virtual workspace, we have experienced a great many enquiries surrounding the impact that the VCL platform has on pass rates. As is true when putting many minds at ease, the question is best answered in blog form. 

Resilience 101: How meaning and purpose build resilience

“Those who have a 'why', can bear with almost any 'how’” - Viktor Frankl

This short course explores the importance and benefits of leading a meaningful life and the impact that can have on your resilience levels. You will examine what brings meaning to your life, and how you might go about discovering your purpose. The course explores the importance of goals and how you can set goals that you are both more likely to achieve, and which are more likely to bring you happiness and life satisfaction. You will also identify your strengths using a well-respected assessment tool and understand the role that they play in both building your levels of resilience and life satisfaction.

2 Hours

Managing People in a Virtual Environment

Bringing people together

Managing people is a huge challenge for many us. Amongst many of the skills and qualities required to effectively manage people are trust, courage and strong communication skills. Managing people remotely brings with it a host of additional challenges. How can you build trust with your team when you cannot even meet face-to-face? How do you ensure that your delegate effectively and that work is on track? How can you keep individuals motivated and have those difficult conversations when you need to?

3 Hours

Running Effective Virtual Meetings

Introducing best-practice techniques for preparing for and facilitating effective meetings

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be 'meetings.” Dave Barry

Okay so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but meetings can be incredibly frustrating at the best of times. When we add in the difficulties of conducting meetings in a virtual environment, these problems are often exacerbated. 

3 Hours

Time Management for Homeworkers

Overcoming time management difficulties when working remotely

Time management is a challenge for many of us to master in the easiest of times, but when we are working from home, it can be even more of a challenge. Without the boss looking over our shoulder, with distractions from family, chores and devices and more of a need to structure our own day the challenges of prioritisation and focus become greater. 

3 Hours

Resilience 101: Building resilience in times of adversity

Introducing resilience and how to develop it.

A comprehensive introduction to the subject of resilience and how to develop it. This bite-sized course provides an overview of the key practices of resilient people and introduces you to a range of tools and techniques that you can start using straightaway; from the benefits and practise of gratitude through to taking a different attitude towards failure. You will assess your current resilience levels and reflect on your previous experiences in overcoming adversity.

3 Hours