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Remote work is a unique challenge. It’s a challenge regardless of your position within your team. You may now find yourself continuing your work from a different, remote location, or you may be supporting or managing these individuals – no matter your circumstance, we can assist you.


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Essential Tools for Home Workers


Home Worker Software



Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Office 365; are you suddenly finding that you’re expected to magically be an expert in all of these programmes and their features? Under office conditions it may not be an issue, you can ask a nearby colleague to lean over and explain everything you need to know! More than just creating confusion, the lack of collaborative tool know-how can also perpetuate feelings of loneliness and isolation.


This is where we can help with our nutshell courses. Small segments of learning between 90-180 minutes long and targeted to the main killer features of these new products.

Below is a list of some of our recommend nutshell courses, curated with a focus on learning the essentials tools:


Indispensable Tools for Managing a Remote Team


Maximum team performance is achieved through demanding and exhausting efforts – at the best of times! But with a dispersed team, barriers are placed to make this a truly mammoth task. We can help by taking your skills relevant to local, office working and making these skills potent in a virtual world.


Why not check out some of our nutshell courses below? This bitesize learning is ideal for bringing you up to speed.


Tools designed to help Support Home Workers


Home Support



Your organisation has a duty to support its remote workforce, improving capability quickly and efficiently. We can help to accelerate the development of your capabilities, creating harmony in all aspects of a fragmented team.


Find out more about the tools available to fully support your team, just click below:


Support Desk, let us do the hard work for you


We can remove all of your 1st line support tickets along the lines of…


  • How do I add people to a video call?
  • Nobody can hear me on a call, help?
  • How do I...?

You get the idea.

A challenge many companies are finding, is having a far larger section of their workforce now located at home. This workforce is not necessarily being used to working in this way. That is where we can do the heavy lifting for you; we can train a large amount of your end user workforce in the basic functions of the packages they are now expected to use.

Below are a selection of the software products we can cover:

Remote Software Package Logos


Don't see your package there?


No problem. Our Technical SME’s can quickly and effortlessly learn the intricacies of your chosen software, then pass their learnings on to your workforce.  Just Get in Touch to find out more


What do these sessions look like?

The sessions are designed to be a very quick introduction to the new world, the software and the basic features that you use most heavily. They are normally between 90-180 minutes long, in an instructor led lecture-based format, culminating in a Q&A session.

We can even run them for up to 50 people. 4 times a day. You can do the maths, that’s 200 people in a single day. We can soon upskill your workforce in an efficient, effective manner. Our offer is not only extended to those in the UK, but globally. We can help anyone to relieve the pressure on their first line support teams.


All of this leaves you and your IT team to focus on the more strategic issues you are undoubtably experiencing during this time.


You may also want to check out our Virtual Visa which gives unlimited access to virtual courses for a certain time period!