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Bespoke Training

Forget trawling through endless course catalogues – Find the training that’s right for you.

Our bespoke training takes your budget, your brief, your specific business context – and prioritises the skills that need addressing most.

“Off the shelf” training can fill some needs perfectly. However, where distinct objectives are involved, building a carefully tailored programme of learning with industry professionals is the ticket.

  • Undergoing vital business transition?
  • Have a strict timeline?
  • Or a particular set of sensitive goals?

A partnership with Quanta means understanding what high value training investment looks like for you.



“No successful team exists in a vacuum.”

An external view will find things that your team has become used to – that’s the core value behind bringing a consultant in.

Our experienced consultants have inhabited the roles that your team find themselves in, and will bring their valuable knowledge to the table. Our customers always appreciate the teaching capacity that our consultants bring to the table – and always grow through our cycle of intervention and teaching.

Unlike many consultants and coaches who will find an excuse to stay in your business forever, we aim to spend a concentrated amount of time in your company, observe, share some feedback with you, then empower you to get on with it yourself.

Read more from the mouth of a Quanta consultant here: https://blog.quanta.co.uk/no-successful-team


Training Needs Analysis

Choosing the right training isn’t always easy.

To get the maximum benefits from training, organisations turn to a tried and tested process – Training Needs Analysis.

Our experts undergo 3 key steps to understand your training needs:

  1. Identify high value skillsets
  2. Evaluate existing skills
  3. Understand where the skill gap lies

Planning your people development strategy around the results of a TNA becomes far more effective.


Digital Learning

To make the most out of our training packages, our easily accessible eLearning training can be used to fill the gaps on any knowledge you may have – available in an accessible digital form. eLearning fits around your schedule, and allows you to see tangible progress at all times.

Unlike classroom training, eLearning can take a large course and split it into smaller, bite-sized chunks of eLearning. All so you to go through the content at your own pace and, in many cases, in whichever order you like. You will also be able to track and see your progress though our dashboards, so you always know what you have left to complete.

To enable you to get the most out of our training packages, our eLearning contains:

  • Responsive displays that adapt to your chosen device
  • Relevant and engaging written content
  • Gamified activities
  • Custom narrated videos
  • Embedded media clips
  • Links to cited websites and articles
  • Knowledge checks and quizzes

Our packages are also designed with accessibility in mind and come with features such as closed captions and screen reader compatibility.

Learn more by visiting our Digital Learning page


Tailored training and consultation packages

Working as your training partner, you can think of us as an extension of your internal teams. Many of our most prolific partnerships have been so successful due to the consultation and holistic view of training.

The packages we deliver are curated to only include the training that will create the most value within your organistion.

By combining training and consultancy, this is how we achieve the outcomes you need most:

  • Building a core understanding of your business and training needs
  • Design tailored courses that meet your specific business needs
  • Keeping costs down by as much as 60%
  • Learning programmes that provide consistent value and experience across your staff

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