Healthcare Division

Long-term, successful partnerships with Healthcare Departments

Our extensive understanding of the NHS' structure and needs is due to one thing - building a wealth of experience by working with healthcare professionals like you.

During our 15 year partnership with the NHS, we have helped to tailor courses and content for an ever-changing healthcare system. Together we have made the most of a publicly funded budget. 

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Agile Projects

Large scale, unpredictable programmes have required teams to be more agile than ever. Thankfully, our team is well versed in the kinds of objectives and requirements attached to healthcare projects - and can deliver expert training advice. In short, Agile working is becoming increasingly evermore widely used in healthcare. Find out how we can support you in the transition. 

Click here for more on Agile's rapid impact within Healthcare. 


IT Learning

It takes complex, interwoven IT systems to keep the NHS running - as well as standardised knowledge of those making daily use of these valuable systems.

Coming from IT-based origins, Quanta has been well placed to support healthcare organisations with identifying and filling skills gaps. Over the past decade, through a period of significant digital transformation, we've worked with hundreds of NHS teams to stay current and efficient. 




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Defeating Covid-19's Challenges

  •  Covid 19 has brought pressures on departments to rapidly collect, analyse and present data. With the aim of being responsive to the changing global Coronavirus scenario, reactive, high value training has become necessity.
  • When time and budgetary constraints are more prevalent, adapting to Covid has made it difficult to get the right training to teams that need it most. 
  • The Quanta NHS division has been lending a hand throughout the pandemic, with the aim of rooting out the NHS' most prominent barriers.
  • On the frontline of the pandemic, it's been skills in data management, Technical IT, Agile and Project Management skills that drove the success of the most prominent departments.


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