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Your end-to-end training partner

Our team has been working with a spectrum of MoD departments for over a decade, becoming well-versed in the art of the "possible." 

When you have to contend with purchasing frameworks, specialised objectives, and complex admin - our team will make creating an impactful bespoke training programme a simple affair. This frees you up to focus on the training you need.

MoD Boots


Creating Capability with you

MoD training programmes can come under close scrutiny to ensure they satisfy objectives. We work with you to make sure your publicly-funded budget identifies and fills all the right skills gaps.

In part, we do this through Training Needs Analysis (TNAs). The process improves the value of all future training, and looks like this:

  1. Identify high value skillsets
  2. Evaluate existing skills
  3. Understand where the skill gap lies

Find more information on how we deliver TNAs here: 


MoD Intricacies

Our team knows what's required of us, so we make sure the important considerations are never overlooked.

  • All of our Trainers are security cleared to provide onsite training where it's needed.
  • All of our equipment and course software is MoD compliant.
  • We ensure training is cooperative with procurement process such as Civil Service Learning and Defence Academy.





Civil Service Learning

As part of the ‘Shaping Our Future Together’ programme, the Government Skills and Curriculum Unit is bringing training, skills and learning development into a coherent campus with a clear curriculum.


As a learning specialist under the new Civil Service learning framework, Quanta has been awarded the rights to deliver over 80 courses. A diverse selection that is constantly growing.


Click the link to find out how we're improving the skills and knowledge of the MoD through this framework.






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