How to be happy (positive psychology and the art of wellbeing)

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How to be happier – an overview

Science suggests that 40% of our happiness comes from within ourselves. So we can radically change the way we feel by adopting some simple principles and techniques. In this session you will learn how to be happier, increase your wellbeing and live a more fulfilled professional and personal life. And let’s not forget that happiness is good for our health too, oh and it benefits others. In fact, there isn’t a lot that being happy doesn’t help with.

Code: NSM0.25BHA

Building resilience

The current champion of all buzzwords is beyond any doubt ‘resilience’ (mindful is not too far behind!). Developing resilience is a key skill required in both work and in our broader lives. Life is full of struggles and inevitably some of these knock us back. But there is much we can do to ensure that we are able to ‘bounce back’ from these setbacks. Drawing on the latest developments in positive psychology, this session helps you to explore tools and strategies to dealing with adversity and developing a resilient mindset.

Code: NSM0.25BRE

Being mindful – it’s more than a buzzword

Long before the shops were packed with colouring books for adults, psychologists (along with Buddhists and other spiritual types) were aware of the benefits to our wellbeing of being mindful. It’s no coincidence that so many leaders have practised meditation for years or found the peace and calm they need in order to gain perspective on things by taking time out to get close to nature. Get a kick start in your quest for mindfulness and see yourself become more appreciative, grateful, calm and resilient.

Code: NSM0.25BMI

Finding meaning in your work and life

Why do you work? For money? For prestige and admiration? To make a difference or serve others? We are at an unprecedented time in history in which most of us find ourselves with a vast choice in what we do with our lives and careers, and yet most of us profess to be unfulfilled with our choices. Survey after survey shows how most of us are disengaged with our work. Learn how to bring more meaning to your current role or how to embark upon a journey towards finding a deeply rewarding and fulfilling calling.

Code: NSM0.25MWL

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