Creativity and Innovation

Why Nutshell Learning….

Personalise your learning - Choose up to four 90 minute sessions from a huge range of bite-sized learning sessions to run over one day.

No travelling expenses -We deliver these over the course of one day at your venue

Flexible - Your delegates may attend as many or as few sessions as they wish during the day

Value for money - Up to 15 delegates per session.

Adopting the 5 key skills of innovators

Who do you see as an innovator? Steve Jobs? Einstein? Edison? And what is it that those people whom we see as creative, full of ideas and always innovating, do exactly? Trust us it’s not all down to natural talent or intelligence. Creative people think and behave differently that’s all. Learn how and unleash your potential with this inspiring and insightful session.

Code: NSM0.25SOI

Create an innovative culture in your organisation

On average innovative companies grow 6% more than those who do not invest in
innovation. Some organisational cultures seem to breed innovation, whilst others stifle it. What can you do to unleash the creative potential of your organisation? By studying the behaviours of innovative organisations, you can adopt their methods and ways of being.

Code: NSM0.25ICO

Why not mix and match these sessions with other Management Development modules such as CommunicationPersonal EffectivenessThe ‘Happier’ sessions (Positive Psychology and wellbeing)Team WorkManagement and Leadership, and Business, Finance and Strategy.

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Please note that these Nutshell sessions cannot be mixed and matched with our Project Management Portfolio.