Business, Finance and Strategy

Why Nutshell Learning….

Personalise your learning - Choose up to four 90 minute sessions from a huge range of bite-sized learning sessions to run over one day.

No travelling expenses -We deliver these over the course of one day at your venue

Flexible - Your delegates may attend as many or as few sessions as they wish during the day

Value for money - Up to 15 delegates per session.

Tools for strategic business growth

Porter’s Five Forces, Ansoff’s Growth Matrix and the Boston Box are just three of the simple to use but remarkably insightful and useful tools to help you determine how best to grow your business. From product development to market attractiveness, this short session introduces you to a range of techniques from some of business strategy’s greatest thinkers. And best of all you can start applying them to your business straightaway.

Code: NSM0.25SBG

Budget setting and cost control**

Learn the basic principles of setting a budget and managing your costs against that budget in this practical workshop. You’ll learn the importance of understanding fixed and variable costs; how to conduct break-even analysis; top down and bottom up approaches; variance analysis and a whole heap of other techniques that we will bring to life and you might even end up enjoying more than you had imagined. BTW we provide the calculators and no knowledge of Pi is required.

Code: NSM0.5BSC

Balance sheets and P&L statements made easy**

Would you believe us if we told you that balance sheets can actually be interesting? Okay, we don’t blame your cynicism but give us a chance. Capital expenditure, current rations,gross profit, net profit, depreciation, current  liabilities; the jargon in the world of finance has no end, yet this snappy session will demystify the language, simplify the numbers and illuminate the meaning behind financial statements. No accountancy qualifications required. Prepare to be enlightened.

Code: NSM0.5BSPL

Good strategy / Bad strategy

Strategy is one of those words that we hear banded around an awful lot these days, but what does it really mean? And is it really important? Why do some organisations seem so clear about what they are doing and why they are doing it, and others less so? Discover how organisations such as Ikea, Netflix and Apple get it right and others such as Woolworths and Blockbuster get it so wrong. Get to the heart of strategic thinking and understand the basic principles of defining and embedding a strategy in your organisation or department in this engaging and interactive session.

Code: NSM0.25GSBS

Why not mix and match these sessions with other Management Development modules such as CommunicationCreativity and InnovationPersonal EffectivenessThe ‘Happier’ sessions (Positive Psychology and wellbeing)Team Work and Management and Leadership.

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Please note that these Nutshell sessions cannot be mixed and matched with our Project Management Portfolio.

** These sessions are 180 minutes in duration i.e. they cover two 90 minute sessions