Nutshell Learning

Engaging, succinct and effective bite-sized learning sessions

Our extensive range of 90-minute learning sessions get right to the heart (or kernel if you prefer) of the matter.

So how does it work? 

Everyone learns differently, so why be restricted by rigid, standardised courses? With Nutshell learning you can personalise your learning by choosing up to four 90-minute sessions. The huge range of topics include a fantastic range of bite-sized learning sessions – all running in one day. The condensed sessions will run at your premises, eliminating travel costs and reducing lost working hours! Efficient and focused, you can save time by attending the sessions that will give you the most value.

There are no worries of being restricted by this format, as nutshells provide unprecedented flexibility. Delegates can sign up on the fly and drop in and out of sessions throughout the day at their will. With a capacity of 15 delegates per session, a huge amount of knowledge can be imparted to your business in a short space of time.

The courses encompassed by Nutshell learning are Management Development and Project management, so there’s a huge range of learning to choose from! Each of the available courses will unlock the potential to achieve extraordinary things in those who attend even just one of the day’s courses. From personal effectiveness to management and leadership training – choose training that works for you.


In a nutshell...

  • Save time by only attending short sessions that focus on exactly what you need to know
  • Save money with less time ‘out of the office’
  • Leave fired up and armed with the knowledge to put into action what you have learnt


Some of the sessions are just too valuable to be squeezed into such a short time and will require 180 minutes or even a whole day of training (affecting the amount of sessions you can book). Get in touch with us today to find out more about combining these great courses, so you can start building your own selection of Nutshell courses today!

Choose up to four sessions per day from....

Management Development


Creativity and Innovation

Personal Effectiveness

The ‘Happier’ sessions (Positive Psychology and wellbeing)

Team Work

Management and Leadership

Business, Finance and Strategy

Project Management


  • Coming soon!

Can’t see what you are looking for? Call us. We are always adding to our range of bite-sized training sessions.

** These sessions are 180 minutes in duration i.e. they cover two 90 minute sessions

*** This session is a full days course.