ELC Corporate Usage

Who can claim?

The same restrictions apply as when you claimed during your resettlement period, so:

  • To be eligible for lower tier ELC funding (£1000), you must have been serving in the armed forces for at least 6 years. (Previously 4 years)

  • To be eligible for higher tier ELC funding (£2000), you must have been serving in the armed forces for at least 8 years.

  • The only exception to this is if you left the forces before April 2008 then you will only be eligible for a lower tier claim regardless of your length of service.

  • If you are a service leaver, you can still claim for ELC funding, up to 5 years after leaving the forces. (Previously 10 years up to 2021 if leaving before 2011)

  • Each eligible claimant may make a total of 3 claims or 1 aggregate claim if lower tier and leaving the force after 6 years of service

  • Only 1 claim may be made for learning activities commencing in any one financial year (See our Course Bundle page to see how you can get the most from your funding).

  • Courses must be National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 3 or above for both lower and higher tier claimants in order to receive funding.


Why are we doing this?

We are committed to helping those who are leaving the forces.

What are we doing?

It’s quite simple, we are contacting both our past resettlement delegates and employers who have a large proportion of ex-service personnel working for them. We will then work with both the delegate and the relevant people in the organisation to ensure a smooth transition.

We are finding employers extremely open to the idea of meeting the personal contribution for the ex-service personnel once they understand they can up skill their already highly skilled staff for a small percentage of what it would cost them commercially.

Want more information?

Click the thumbnail below to download our Corporate Covenant fact sheet or call your dedicated Resettlement Team on 0800 018 3975.