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Quanta can help you on the journey to Project and Programme management success. The tools and pathways available to you are tailored specifically to your projects. We're not just working for your organisation, we're working with it. Integration is easily achieved when you follow the 12-month ELEE programme.



Analysis and Exploration

The first step on the road comes from looking introspectively. Everyone has their processes or means for meeting goals, however, none of these procedures are perfect. Through analysing current processes, we can quickly identify areas for improvement and create a foundation for the rest of the programme and generate a proposal.


Report Writing and Programme Design

So how do you fill in the cracks that have been discovered? The next phase is simply to work together to align best practice guidelines with specific learning opportunities. This rapid follow up involves writing a report and designing a programme based on the previously outlined needs of your organisation. Potential pain points and gaps in content will be highlighted and removed, just as whole courses or individual activities can be chosen to fit like a glove.


Bespoke Training

The personalised training can begin once the programme is designed, with our talented trainers who are fluid and can work to suit any training requirements. The gaps in knowledge or opportunities for growth can soon be filled in with courses that you can be confident have been curated just for you. Bespoke training days, practical workshops No creeping doubts will linger of whether you’ve come away from the course with the most complete learning experience possible.


Surgery Style Review Days

After implementing the training materials, there will be opportunities to schedule short review days. These days will target the root of troubles, and therefore formats will vary dependant on the issues and challenges. These days will take place within three months of training, so you won’t be left without support.


Implementation Health Check

The benefits identified at the beginning of the programme can be reviewed, so it will become clear where positive changes have been realised. Twelve months since the analysis of your organisation’s processes and programmes there will be recognisable gains made. But if you sit back and relax when met with success, the benefits will stagnate, and the previous effort will be worth less. To maintain momentum, we take this opportunity to identify appropriate CSI and CPD activities that can keep your organisational skills on track.


If you think your organisation will benefit from this programme please call 0800 018 5597 or email hello@quanta.co.uk.