Data Retention Policy

As per the GDPR regulations on only keeping data which is relevant, up to date and for the purpose that it was collected, we have the following data retention rules:


Course attendees are kept indefinitely (unless deletion has been requested) to keep track of their training records regardless of the following criteria:


If the Company is an active customer (Invoiced in last 24 months or open opportunity or Future Meeting in place) then:

Important contacts (marked as Spenders, Influencers, Allocators and Directors in our system) are kept as long as the Company is an active customer

Standard contacts are marked for anonymization if they satisfy the following criteria:

•    No open Opportunity
•    No Opportunity created in last 12 months
•    No successful interaction for 12 months


If the Company is an inactive customer (not invoiced in last 24 months, no open opportunities and no future meetings):

Contacts are marked for anonymization if:

•    No Opportunity created in last 6 months
•    No successful interaction for 6 months
•    Created more than 6 months ago


When a request for deletion comes in from a customer we do the following:

1.    ContactID added to backup suppression list (anonymous)
2.    User anonymised from internal CRM
3.    Deletion requests sent to Communigator, Synergy Learning
4.    Anonymisation request sent to Enterprise Study


We do not completely delete the data as we require some information to be kept for business reporting purposes. Any personally identifying information is stripped (First Name, Last Name, Phone Numbers, E-mail, Address, Notes which may contain identifying info)