Quanta’s preparedness in the face of COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 is unavoidable, given the social pressures felt by every industry. We’re doing everything possible to ensure flexibility in the face of changing business needs and restrictions. We are open for business as usual and are still offering onsite training if possible and running courses at our Worcester location. Every single precaution is being taken to ensure we continue to provide training and to keep all of our customers and staff healthy. 

You need as many options available to you as possible in this time, so we’re remaining completely flexible – while complying with governmental advice. The primary option that we would like to offer to you is remote training. Both trainer and delegates can remotely access a virtual classroom (pending onsite capability consultation) and deliver training to the same standard as if they were right there in the room. We have options that allow for the ability to carry out training in the exact same style with the same quality course content. Considering the future development of your team is a vital action, and implementing plans for team development in this time will be hugely advantageous. 

We’ve acknowledged the ways in which our products can aid hugely in business continuity, for more information on technical and best practice guidelines please use these sources: 

-    Contact Us
-    Your standard point of contact with the business will be contactable as always, their availability will not change.
-    Our social channels will be updated regularly with further information on circumstances as they develop.

Please ensure you stay updated with circumstances as they evolve, and we sincerely hope that you stay safe out there.