Introduction to Azure - laaS, PaaS and Azure AD

Learn how to install, configure and administer Infrastructure and Platform as a Service and Azure AD

Cloud services are taking off and Microsoft Azure is a major player in the field. With so many Azure offerings, this course gets you off to a good start with hands on skills administering Azure services.

Course Code
3 Days
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

This course will teach delegates how to get the fundamental functions and concepts of the key Microsoft Azure services

Who is this course for

This course is designed for those who wish to gain an overview of Azure and hands-on skills implementing the core components of 'Infrastructure as a Service', 'Platform as a Service' and Azure AD

You will learn how to
  • Manage Azure subscriptions, portals and tools.
  • Create and manage a cloud infrastructure of virtual networks and virtual machines.
  • Configure Azure storage and external network connectivity for cloud services.
  • Implement Web Apps and Cloud Services.
  • Use and Synchronise with Azure AD.
  • Delegate Azure Services securely
Benefits for your organisation

Trained administrators can ensure the successful deployment, smooth running, security and high availability of services running in the cloud.

Benefits for you as an individual

You will gain essential knowledge, understanding and hands on skills with Azure give you confidence and save time in the workplace.

Introduction to Azure

What is Azure?
Overview of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
Overview of Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Overview of Applications as a Service (AaaS)
Introducing Azure AD
Managing Subscriptions
Azure Locations
Azure Administrators and Resource Groups

Microsoft Azure management tools

Classic and Resource Manager Modes
Using the Azure Portals
Introducing the Azure PowerShell
Introducing the Azure SDK

Virtual Networks (IaaS)

Cloud Services
VPN connections to Azure Networks
Introducing the  Azure Load Balancer

Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS)

Creating and Managing Virtual Machines in Azure
Virtual machine disks and storage
Virtual Machine Networking
Endpoints and Connection Security Groups
Managing Azure VMs

Creating and Configuring Web Apps

Creating and Deploying web apps
Web Apps using Cloud Services (PaaS)
Using Scripts to create Cloud Services
Managing Cloud Services

Cloud Storage

Understanding Cloud Storage
Blobs and Containers
File Services (shares)
Azure Queues
Azure Tables

Azure Databases

Types of Azure Database
Creating Azure SQL Databases (PaaS)
Connecting to and Managing Azure SQL

Azure AD (SaaS)

What is Azure AD?
Users, Groups and Applications
Joining Windows 10 to Azure
Creating a virtual Domain Controller
Synchronising with Azure Ad


Delegates should have experience of on-premise networking, virtualisation, web applications, AD and databases

Familiarity with is Azure is not necessary