Windows PowerShell Scripting and Automation

Scripting, automation and administration with Windows Powershell

While we all love a good GUI, the fact remains that sometimes the interface just doesn’t get the job done. To unlock the full functionality of many Microsoft applications you need to turn to PowerShell, and this course will introduce the core concepts and tricks to make the most of Powershell.

Course Code
2 Days
Delivery Style
Course Type
Public or Private
Max Delegates
Available as Nutshell

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Purpose of this course

To understand and get the very most out of PowerShell interface when designing and debugging scripts.

If running privately the course can be tailored to cover how to use Powershell within the applications that are applicable to you.

Who is this course for

IT professionals who wish to manage Windows operating Systems with Windows PowerShell.


You will learn how to
  • Write PowerShell scripts
  • Handle script errors
  • Debug scripts
  • Create tools that are consistent in naming and operation within native Windows PowerShell
Benefits for your organisation

PowerShell can offer many benefits to an Organisation and create efficiency within an IT department but only if used correctly.  Badly written scripts can actually be worse than no scripts at all.  This course will ensure that only the best scripts are created within your organisation.

Benefits for you as an individual

Create efficiency in your work by scripting regular activities your undertake within an administration environment.  Understanding how to write and debug PowerShell is an essential part of any System Admin's armoury.

Introduction to Windows PowerShell
  • Configuring the Console (Shell)
  • Interactive Help
  • Introducing PowerShell Scripting
  • Script Blocks, Variables and Flow Control

Extending PowerShell
  • Aliases
  • Modules and Snap Ins
  • Working with Providers
  • Introducing Functions
  • Creating Modules

Working with Objects
  • What are Objects and Variables?
  • Using Methods and Types with Objects
  • Using ForEach
  • Piping and Exporting Objects
  • Formatting and Filtering Objects
  • Error Handing Using Try / Catch

Server Administration
  • Server Management with PowerShell
  • Managing Active Directory with PowerShell
  • Managing File Data
  • Using Jobs

Remote Administration and WMI
  • PowerShell Remote Sessions
  • Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Using CIM with Remote Control
  • PowerShell Web Access

  • Managing Server Applications with PowerShell

An understanding of Windows operating systems in an organisational network.  Use of a command line interface.