Upgrading Desktop Support Skills to Windows 8.1

A look at the differences when supporting a Windows 8 environment

This one-day course is designed to teach people the changes in the day-to-day management of the Windows 8.1 operating system and where it differs from previous client versions.

Course Code
1 Day
Delivery Style
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

To bring people up to speed with the differences that Windows 8.1 brings to daily support life, including installing, configuring, managing, and maintaining Windows 8.1 computers in an organisation’s network.

Who is this course for

Anyone who is managing Windows 8.1 clients in a corporate or other network, who already has experience of other Windows client operating systems. People preparing for Microsoft qualifications based on Windows 8.1.

You will learn how to
  • Install and Configure Windows 8.1
  • Manage Windows 8.1 Applications
  • Maintain and Troubleshoot a Windows 8.1 environment
  • Understand Windows Authentication under Windows 8.1
  • Support new Windows 8.1 features
Benefits for your organisation

After the success of Windows 7 barely behind us people are starting to look towards Windows 8.1 or hardware is being shipped with it.  This short course will bring the knowledge of your support staff up to date with the new OS, so they can continue to support your infrastructure effectively.

Benefits for you as an individual

You will gain up to date knowledge and understanding of very latest Windows operating system. You will receive hands on skills and experience installing and configuring Windows 8.1, which will update your existing Windows skills.

Introducing and Installing Windows

Introducing Windows 8.1
Different Editions of Windows 8.1
Deployment Overview
Installing and Activating Windows
Upgrading and Migrating

Managing Windows 8.1

The Desktop and Modern UI
Configuring Windows Explorer
Windows 8.1 Change PC Settings
Windows 8.1 Control Panel
Installing Network Administrative Tools
Windows PowerShell
Remote Server Administration with Power Shell
Managing Disks, Partitions and Volumes
Working with Virtual Disks (VHDs)
Disk Utilities
Installing and Configuring Device Drivers
Driver Installation
Devices and Printers
Apps and Windows Printing

Signing in to Windows

Authentication and Authorisation
Logging on to Windows 8.1
Types of user and group accounts
Microsoft Accounts
Creating a Microsoft Account
options
Picture Passwords
PIN Passwords
User Account Control
Configuring UAC

Configuring Windows 8.1 Network Connections

Network and Sharing Centre
Network Locations
Configuring IPv6
IPv6 Transition and Co-existence Technologies
The Windows Firewall
IPSec and Connection Security Rules
Direct Access Overview

Maintaining and Trouble Shooting

The Windows 8.1 Boot Process
Windows Backup and File History
Windows 8.1 Recovery Environment
Trouble Shooting Tools
Monitoring Windows 8.1
Performance Tools
Event Viewer Custom Views and Subscriptions
Problem Steps Recorder

Managing Applications

Modern Apps and Desktop Applications
Installing and Configuring Apps from the Windows App Store
Managing Apps
Sideloading  Apps
Program Compatibility
Introduction to the Application Compatibility Toolkit
Application Control Policies (AppLocker)


Delegates should have good familiarity with Windows Vista or Windows 7 in a network environment.

About the Lead Trainer

Martin is a Systems trainer specialising mostly in Microsoft products, with over 20 years’ experience in training, contracting and managing networks. He currently delivers courses on Windows Server and client operating systems, Virtualisation, Active Directory, IIS web server, Network security, System Center products and automated deployments.