SQL Server Integration Services

Enabling you to design and use SQL Server Integration Services projects

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is a component of the Microsoft SQL Server database software which can be used to perform a broad range of data migration tasks. It is a powerful export, transformation and load tool. The course will enable delegates to design, deploy and manage Integration Services packages. Packages will be designed using SQL Server Data Tools. This course is suitable for all versions of SQL Server.

Course Code
2 Days
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

The course includes the important features of Integration Services.  For example, connections, control flows, data flows, variables, logging, deployment and error handling. The course is suitable for people who are new to Integration Services.  Exercises are included to consolidate the skills taught.

Who is this course for

IT professionals who need to build, manage and use Integration Services packages for Microsoft SQL Server.

You will learn how to
  • Develop Integration Services packages
  • Include control flow tasks, data flows and transformations
  • Handle data errors
  • Deploy packages to an Integration Services catalogue
  • Handle deployment sensitive properties
  • Use checkpoints to restart packages
  • Log the progress of Integration Services packages
Benefits for your organisation

SQL Server is increasingly being used to integrate and migrate information to and from a wide variety corporate data sources. This course will give your organisation the ability to develop integration services package to meet these requirements.

Benefits for you as an individual

This course will equip you with the skills to understand and use SQL Server Integration Services. You will have the confidence to develop, deploy and manage Integration Services packages containing both data flows and data transformations.

A Guided Tour of Integration Services
  • Understanding Integration Services
  • Exploring and Executing an Integration Services
  • Packages in SQL Server Data Tools
Using Control Flows
  • Overview of Control Flow in Integration Services
  • Elements in Control Flow
  • Control Flow Tasks
  • Precedence Constraints
Using Data Flows
  • Data Flow Overview
  • Data Flow Pipeline
  • Data Flow Sources
  • Data Flow Destination
  • Data Viewers
  • Data Transformations
Variables and Parameters
  • Understanding Variables
  • Using Variables in Control Flow
  • Understanding Property Expressions
  • Using Property Expressions
  • Understanding Parameters
  • Using Package and Project Parameters
Error Handling and Package Logging
  • Error Handling and Package Logging Overview
  • Checkpoints
  • Package Logging
  • Event Handling
  • Error Output
Integration Services Deployment
  • Creating an Integration Services Catalogue
  • Overview of Deploying Packages
  • Project Deployment
  • Deployment Wizard
  • Creating Environments
  • Using Environments to Execute Packages
  • Managing Deployment Sensitive Properties
Package Management
  • Overview of Package Management
  • Managing Packages in the Integration Service Catalogue
  • Executing Packages from Management Studio
  • Scheduling Packages with SQL Server Agent
  • Integration Services Security

No previous knowledge of SQL Server Integration Services is required. A basic knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server is required. This could be gained from our SQL Server Essentials course or through work experience.