SQL Server 2012 New Features

An in depth conversion workshop for existing SQL Server administrators and developers

SQL Server 2012 introduces the concept of your data anyplace, anytime. If you are familiar with SQL Server 2008 R2 (or an earlier version) and wish to learn all about these additional benefits SQL Server 2012 can bring, then this is the course for you.  The length of this course can be tailored depending on what content you wish to cover and experience; starting at a single day with the potential to go to an entire week.

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1 Day
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

The course will introduce delegates to the new feature of Microsoft SQL Server 2012.  The exact content of the workshop and the appropriate duration will be discussed and agreed with you prior to booking.  It will depend on the features you are interested in and which previous version of SQL Server you use.  Our aim is to produce a workshop that meets your exact objectives.  The duration of the workshop will depend on the features required but will look to maximize the benefit you gain from the time and money you spend.

Who is this course for

Database administrators, support staff and Transact SQL developers who need to understand the important new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

You will learn how to
  • Install/Upgrade to SQL Server 2012
  • Use the new features of SSRS 2012
  • Understand the changes to Integration Services
Benefits for your organisation

SQL Server 2012 introduces a whole range of new features that your organisation will want to exploit. It also changes many familiar features that your organisation currently uses. This course will ensure your organisation quickly becomes familiar with the important new features of SQL Server 2012.

Benefits for you as an individual

If you are familiar with an earlier version of SQL Server then the upgrade to the 2012 version can seem daunting. This course will quickly get you up to speed with SQL Server 2012. It will also enable you to exploit the powerful new features.

SQL Server Database Engine

Installing SQL Server 2012
Upgrading to SQL Server 2012
Always On
Database Recovery Advisor
Contained Databases
Columnstore Indexes
Throw Statement
New Functions
Offset and Fetch in Order By

SQL Server Integration Services

New Features of Integration Services
SQL Server Data Tools
Project Deployment
Changes to Pivot Transformation

SQL Server Reporting Services

New Feature of Reporting Services
Alternatives to Report Models


Delegates must have extensive experience of Microsoft SQL Server at an earlier version

About the Lead Trainer

Stephen has 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. A member of the Institute of IT Training and British Computer Society with a degree in business computing systems, Stephen has a solid foundation upon which his ITIL® Expert qualification sits.