SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows

Making the most of SharePoint - automating business processes using Workflows

SharePoint Designer may be a product that Microsoft is downscaling but there is no getting away from the fact that it is still an extremely powerful tool.  This one-day course, using SharePoint Designer 2013, will teach you everything there is to know about SharePoint workflows. 

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1 Day
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Purpose of this course

To get the most out of SharePoint and automate processes within your business

Who is this course for

This course is for users who are required to create SharePoint workflows and for SharePoint administrators who are required to administer them.

You will learn how to
  • Connect SharePoint Designer to a SharePoint site
  • Create/modify/deploy workflows using SharePoint Designer
  • Create workflows using the web browser
  • Use reusable workflows
Benefits for your organisation

When automating processes within your business there are times when you need information to be automatically passed around based upon certain criteria.  Doing this is not always straight forward unless you know how to use SharePoint Designer to create workflows.  

Benefits for you as an individual

Understanding how to use the power of SharePoint Designer will allow you to create simple or complex workflows within your organisation.

Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2013
  • Connecting to an existing SharePoint Site
  • Working with document libraries
  • Navigating within SharePoint Designer
Creating workflows using the web browser
  • Creating Workflows via the browser
  • Viewing Site collection workflow status
  • Understanding the types of workflows, you can create via the browser
Creating workflows with SharePoint Designer
  • Use the SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow Designer Wizard
    to create custom workflows Using actions and conditions
  • Modifying a workflow
  • Deploying a workflow
  • Creating a multistep workflow
  • Creating a site workflow
  • Using Visio to map a workflow
  • Importing a Visio workflow
  • Deleting a workflow
Using re-usable workflows and workflow forms
  • Creating reusable workflows
  • Creating association columns
  • Using workflow templates
  • Globally reusable workflows
  • Creating initiation and association forms
  • Retrieving values from initiation form

Delegates should have a good depth of knowledge of Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, and be familiar with basic Microsoft Office and SharePoint functionality.