SharePoint 2013 Management Overview

Your first step on the road to a successful SharePoint implementation.

The mistake which is often made with SharePoint is that it is "just another application". It is not. The first step to a successful implementation is one of planning by key stakeholders throughout the business. This workshop will start this process. The morning is an extensive product demo, showing the world of potential which is SharePoint. The afternoon is an extensive Q&A session.

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Purpose of this course

It explores the features, benefits, capabilities, hardware requirements and pitfalls of SharePoint 2013. It is the first step in determining what SharePoint can offer your business, the planning required and issues surrounding any implementation project. It is vital that all key business stakeholders attend this workshop, so you get perspectives from across the business.

Who is this course for

Department heads, directors and key decision makers throughout the business (not just the IT department) who need to understand the impact and potential SharePoint brings to the business and the responsibilities of key stakeholders.

You will learn how to
  • Benefit from the introduction of SharePoint
  • Start a successful SharePoint implementation
  • Define what is needed by your business area when implementing SharePoint
  • Use SharePoint to manage information within your department
  • Decide which SharePoint product meets your needs and requirements
Benefits for your organisation

The key to any successful SharePoint project is one of planning. Very different from most technological introductions, you can't just install SharePoint and use it, the business need to decide what they want it to do. This workshop will show you the full potential of SharePoint so you can start to decide how as a business SharePoint will be used.

Benefits for you as an individual

As a key stakeholder in the introduction of SharePoint you need to know what SharePoint can do, how it can add value for you and what efficiencies it can bring to you and your departments working life. This workshop will show you the SharePoint product and by the end of it you will understand to what extent it can help you. Before embarking on the planning of your specific SharePoint workspace.

Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Technologies

Information handling issues
Maintaining information integrity
Ineffective team collaboration

SharePoint Products

WSS 3.0
MOSS 2007
SharePoint 2013

Benefits of SharePoint Technologies

Accessing data from a common source
Effective team collaboration
Document Management
Records Management
Business Intelligence Solutions
Reporting Solutions
InfoPath Form Solutions
Excel Service Solutions
Business Data Catalogue and Line-of-Business applications

SharePoint 2013 Demonstration

A full demonstration of the above benefits in practise

Questions & Answer Session

The floor is yours to use our SharePoint knowledge as you see fit
Tailored session to meet your needs


There are no pre-requisites for attending this workshop.

About the Lead Trainer

Matt is a technical trainer specialising in cloud services, data analysis, and Microsoft server systems. He started life at Quanta working in the tech dungeon as our Systems Administrator, and moved into training after implementing many new systems for us including surfacing data through SQL Server Reporting Services, using Excel Services with SharePoint, implementing Power BI and Office 365 and even this very website you are reading now!