SharePoint 2010 Part 1: End-User

Beginners'comprehensive introduction to SharePoint's useful features!

SharePoint has changed the way in which businesses can access and organise data, thanks to its dazzling array of wonderful features, many of which are unused simply because people are unaware of their existence, or haven't been shown how to use them correctly.

If you are still waiting for your SharePoint deployment to show a return on investment, this is the course for you.

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1 Day
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Purpose of this course

Run as a very hands-on workshop, this part-1 course familiarises users with fundamental SharePoint concepts, including functionality and terminology, demystifying and taming the "SharePoint Beast" through practical exercises in which attendees personalise their corporate identity, create and manage documents and lists, view and filter content, search for (and display) business information, follow pre-defined workflows and use some customised webparts. 

Who is this course for
Anyone with limited SharePoint exposure who needs to comfortably use common SharePoint functionality as part of their daily work processes will find benefits attending - including complete beginners.
This Part-1 course is also considered a pre-requisite for those wanting to continue onto more advanced SharePoint functions, such as the SharePoint 2010 Part 2: Power User (Super-User) course
You will learn how to
  • Understand terminology and concepts associated with SharePoint
  • Appreciate roles and responsibilities associated with a SharePoint installation
  • Confidently use surveys, discussion boards, libraries, lists and views
  • Manage changes to document content in a structured and controlled manner
  • Edit and manipulate public content in Wikis and Web Pages using SharePoint tools
  • Create your own personal libraries and sites to manage information more effectively
  • Understand and manipulate security settings to fulfil business requirements
  • Improve productivity by integrating Office2010 products with SharePoint
Benefits for your organisation

To obtain the greatest benefit form any tool, one must know how to use it properly - if your organisation is considering a shift to SharePoint should it not not be used by staff that know how to use it productively? Let us train them up and turn SharePoint frustrations into SharePoint triumphs!


The standard course content can be tailored specifically to your own SharePoint configuration. We have a number of different delivery options that involve shaping the content to utilise your own SharePoint environment for onsite courses within your organisation. Contact Us for more details.


Bespoke course offerings will use an organisation's own references as the basis for material and exercises (using screenshots and features in context with that particular configuration), with workshop content tailored specifically to the duties and responsibilities expected of attending roles.

Benefits for you as an individual

Your SharePoint journey begins here! This course enables you to understand the variety of features available in SharePoint by exploring their purpose and use, focusing upon those that are delegated to your job role so that you can work independently with increased efficiency.

SharePoint Concepts

What Is SharePoint?
SharePoint Features
SharePoint Basics
SharePoint Hierarchy

Your SharePoint Site

Your SharePoint Site
Customising Your Portal
Setting Your Own Permission

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Features
Participating In Surveys
Following Discussion Boards
Collaborating with Wikis
Managing Web Content

Document Management

Document Management Basics
Storing Documents
Modifying Documents
SharePoint Records
Using Forms

Creating & Using Libraries

Using Standard Libraries
Creating A New Library

List & Views

Using Views

Task Collaboration

Using Calendars
Outlook Connectivity
Using Workflows

Site Searching

Searching for Content


Attendees should be comfortable with standard Office packages (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc) and be familiar with basic browser functionality.  Prior knowledge or experience of SharePoint prior to the course is not assumed.

About the Lead Trainer

Matt is a technical trainer specialising in cloud services, data analysis, and Microsoft server systems. He started life at Quanta working in the tech dungeon as our Systems Administrator, and moved into training after implementing many new systems for us including surfacing data through SQL Server Reporting Services, using Excel Services with SharePoint, implementing Power BI and Office 365 and even this very website you are reading now!