.NET Core - An Introduction

Are you ready for the next step change in the .NET world?

.NET Core is the next generation of ASP.NET.  A completely new web stack developed from the ground up. This introductory course introduces attendees to the new .NET Core platform and teaches them the skills necessary to start to design and build well-architected web and service-oriented applications that follow the MVC design pattern.

Course Code
2 Days
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Public or Private
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Provisional outline subject to change
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Purpose of this course

.NET Core turns the world of .NET on its head!  This course will introduce you to all aspects of this new world so that you can decide if it is something you wish to move into.

Who is this course for

Anyone wishing to explore the world of .NET Core.

You will learn how to

• Understand the ASP.NET Core architectural differences
• Understand the unification of MVC and Web API controller
• Use dependency injection
• Implement middleware components
• Support SPA’s
• Benefit from cross-platform development

Benefits for your organisation

.NET core allows cross-platform development!  Want to use Windows, MAC and Linux? No problem, with .NET core you can!  the flexibility this brings to an organisation and their development activities is immense.

Benefits for you as an individual

.NET Core is coming, there are no two ways about it.  This course will get prepare you for it and all the associated benefits that using .NET core brings.


How the world of Visual Studio is changing
Goodbye VB and Web Forms
Hello Mac and Linux

Creating Web Applications
Unification of MVC and Web API controllers
New tag helper syntax in views
Creating custom tag helpers

Dependency Injection
DI concepts
DI techniques in ASP.NET Core
Design and architecture considerations
ASP.NET Pipeline
Overview of the HTTP pipeline
Host neutrality
Overview of OWIN
OWIN middleware components

Creating Single Page Applications
Overview of SPAs
Using GruntJS, NPM, and Bower support
Overview of REACT, Angular and Bootstrap

Experience using a previous version of ASP.NET, MVC, and/or Web API

About the Lead Trainer

No training is dull with Tim. He oozes a real pleasure in teaching people stuff they don’t know. Tim loves developing new courses and sharing his knowledge at many on-site customer locations. In addition to training, Tim is an experienced consultant, advising on company computing requirements.  Did we mention that he also likes to read computing books and blogs in his spare time?