Introduction to R Programming

Master the basics of data analysis using the R Language

R is the common language of data science and has long been popular among data scientists. It is highly extensible and provides a wide variety of statistical, machine learning methods and predictive modelling techniques.  Recently due to a focus on data, reporting and big data R is becoming more common place and this introductory course will teach you the basics to start you off on your R journey.

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1 Day
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Purpose of this course

Aimed at complete beginners, this R course is intended to introduce the basics of the R language.

Who is this course for

Anyone wishing to learn more about R.  A background in programming will be helpful but by no means essential.

You will learn how to
  • Get started with R.
  • Interact with the environment, syntax and data types.
  • Start using the power of R for your own needs.
Benefits for your organisation

R can deliver huge benefits to your organisation through its reporting & integration capabilities.  All you need are highly trained staff to be able to harness those capabilities.

Benefits for you as an individual

R, once the language of data scientists is becoming far more main stream, or has our changing business world meant we are all becoming data scientists?  Regardless, R is here to stay and knowing how to leverage its capability is essential.

  • R Language Overview.
  • Environmental Setup.
  • Basic Syntax & Data Types.
  • Variables & Operators.
  • Decision Making.
  • Loops, Functions & Strings.
  • Vectors & Lists.

None.  Although a programming or data analysis background will be helpful.

About the Lead Trainer

No training is dull with Tim. He oozes a real pleasure in teaching people stuff they don’t know. Tim loves developing new courses and sharing his knowledge at many on-site customer locations. In addition to training, Tim is an experienced consultant, advising on company computing requirements.  Did we mention that he also likes to read computing books and blogs in his spare time?