Introduction to Cloud Computing on AWS

An introduction to the AWS architecture and platform

This course gives an overview of the AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture and platform. Starting from the beginning it introduces you to Cloud concepts and then demonstrates the Amazon platform.

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1 Day
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Purpose of this course

To provide an overview and introduction to the AWS architecture and platform.

Who is this course for

Anyone new to AWS and cloud computing who wants to get an overview of what it is and why it might benefit their organisation.

You will learn how to
  • Define and understand the fundamentals of cloud computing and AWS
  • Understand the basics of EC2
  • Understand how storage works in AWS
  • Security and the cloud
Benefits for your organisation

There are no two ways about it Cloud Computing is not only here to stay but also a growing trend within the marketplace.  AWS is one of the for forerunners in this area but to harness the most from the benefits the Cloud and AWS can offer you'll need fully trained staff so you can ensure that your data is secure, available and safe.

Benefits for you as an individual

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a current market leader in Cloud solutions and this course will give you an introduction to the platform, how to use it and the possible benefits wbich it can bring.

What is the Cloud?
Fundamentals of cloud computing
Benefits of cloud computing
AWS and Cloud Computing

CIntroduction to EC2
Setting up Servers in the Cloud
Virtual Private Clouds, Security Groups, and IPs
Configuration options for servers
Autoscaling, Load balancing and Elasticity

Introduction to Storage
Storage options
Relational Databases as a Service - RDS
NoSQL Databases as a service - DynamoDB
Object Stores - S3, Glacier
Caching - Elasticache

Security and the Cloud
Security Overview
Responsibilities of AWS
Responsibilities of the AWS Customer
Securing your infrastructure
Managing teams access to AWS with IAM

5 The Paradigm Shift for Traditional Infrastructure
Infrastructure as code
Serverless architectures
Single click deployment and continuous delivery