Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part One (ICND1)

An ideal course for those new to networking, or those looking to gain knowledge and skills in preparation for ICND1 or CCNA exams.

This course will focus on providing delegates with the knowledge required to install, operate, configure and verify basic IPv4 and IPv6 networks.

Course Code
5 Days
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Private Only
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Purpose of this course

This course will provide delegates with the knowledge and skills required to install, operate, configure and verify a basic IPv4 and IPv6 network. This includes configuring a LAN switch, configuring an IP router, connecting to a WAN, and identifying basic security threats. After completing this course, delegates will be able to carry out the configuration, implementation and troubleshooting of a small branch network.

Who is this course for

Anyone working within an IT environment who is responsible for installing, operating and troubleshooting small branch office enterprise networks.

Anyone working towards the CCNA Routing and Switching certification.

You will learn how to
  • Describe network fundamentals and build simple LANs.
  • Establish Internet connectivity.
  • Expand small to medium sized networks with routing enabled.
  • Configure, manage and monitor Cisco devices.
  • Describe IPv6 basics.
Building Simple Networks
  • Explore the functions of networking
  • Understand the Host-to-Host communications model
  • Introducing LANs
  • Operating Cisco IOS software
  • Starting a switch
  • Understanding Ethernet and Switch Operation
  • Troubleshooting Common Switch Media Issues
Establishing Internet Connectivity
  • Understand the TCP/IP internet layer
  • Understand IP addressing and subnets
  • Understand the TCP/IP transport layer
  • Explore the functions of routing
  • Configure a Cisco router
  • Explore the packet delivery process
  • Enable static routing
  • Learn the basics of ACL
  • Enable internet connectivity
Build a medium sized network
  • Implement VLANs and Trunks
  • Routing between VLANs
  • Use a Cisco Network Device as a DHCP server
  • Implement RIPv2
  • Introduce WAN technologies
  • Introduce dynamic routing protocols
  • Implement OSPF
Network Device Management and Security
  • Securing Administrative Access
  • Implementing Device Hardening
  • Configuring System Message Logging
  • Managing Cisco Devices
  • Licensing
Introducing IPv6
  • Introducing basic IPv6
  • Understanding IPv6 operation
  • Configuring IPv6 Static routes



Delegates should have basic computer literacy, basic windows and internet skills, and a basic understanding of IP addressing.

More about the exam

All vouchers will expire on February 23rd 2020., irrespective of when purchased.
The terms and conditions on Cisco PPD vouchers has changed since Cisco's announcement of their new certification 2.0 program that launches February 24, 2020.  As Cisco phases out vouchers for their current program, all PPD voucher orders filled from July 3rd forward will expire on February 23rd 2020; no exceptions.  
Therefore when bought – they will become invalid by February 23rd 2020 – delegates will need to take the exam prior to this date.

About the Lead Trainer

Bernard is an instructor with over 20 years of experience delivering Microsoft, Citrix, and Cisco Courses. He specialises in delivering bespoke courses leading to Cisco Certification. When he is not teaching Bernard can be found at his local golf course or is deciding the destination for his next holiday!