InfoPath 2013

All that is needed to use and administer InfoPath 2013 in a SharePoint environment

This two-day course will allow you to design and create InfoPath based business forms, publish these forms to a SharePoint environment and use SharePoint 2013 to manipulate and control completed forms.

Course Code
2 Days
Delivery Style
Course Type
Private Only
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Purpose of this course

To give a complete overview of how to use InfoPath with SharePoint to create highly-customisable forms which can be used to improve business processes.

Who is this course for

This course is for users who are required to create InfoPath forms and for SharePoint administrators who are required to administer forms.

You will learn how to
  • Create Forms
  • Publish Forms
  • Customize Layouts
  • Understand forms in lists and library’s
  • Mange Views
  • Distribute Forms
  • Understand incidents/problems/known errors
Benefits for your organisation

SharePoint is a powerful tool - there is no denying it. However, to get the most out of it you have to use add on products; InfoPath is one such product.  It allows you to collect data via forms within a SharePoint environment so that you can store that data and either process it or report upon it in the future.

Benefits for you as an individual

You will learn how to get the very best out of InfoPath and how to use it as a business tool to potentially automate business processes within a SharePoint environment.  As well as creating forms you will also benefit from understanding how to troubleshoot existing forms.

Creating InfoPath Forms
  • Explore the User Interface
  • Planning InfoPath form environment
Customising Form Layout
  • Format a Form
  • Template Parts
  • Customise Tables
  • Insert Graphic Objects
  • Create Optional and Repeating Sections
Managing Controls
  • Understanding incidents/problems/known error and service requests
Managing Views
  • Create Custom Views
  • Modify a View
  • Create a Print Version for a View
  • Assign User Roles to a View
Distributing Forms
  • Publish a Form Template
  • Troubleshoot Publishing Problems
Publishing forms to SharePoint
  • Forms Library
  • Forms Server
  • Activating Forms
  • Forms as content types
List and Library Views
  • Default views
  • Custom views
  • Datasheet view
  • Submitting forms to an alternate library
Advanced Features
  • Cascading Drop Down Lists
  • InfoPath Rules
  • Tabbed Forms
  • XPath Concepts

Delegates should have a good base of knowledge of using Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, and be familiar with basic Microsoft Office and SharePoint functionality.