Data Visualisation

How to simplify your data communication to engage and influence

The aim of this workshop is to share and discuss the key principles of effective data visualisation and to inspire you to tell better stories with your data. Creating effective data visualisations is no longer a task for highly technical specialists and design professionals. In the modern workplace, we are all responsible for the data that we produce and learning how to effectively communicate with this data can be an invaluable asset.

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Purpose of this course

Learning the fundamental principles behind good data visualisation can, simplify the process of presenting data into tables and graphs and by doing so help those working with data to engage, captivate and influence them.  Data should not be a series of numbers but tell the story being presented so that it can be easily understood.  Adding all of this together should allow the decision-maker to get answers more quickly.

Who is this course for

The workshop is aimed at anyone who works with data as part of their role. From administrators, analysts and accountants to researchers, teachers and senior managers, we can all benefit from learning the theory behind creating great graphics.

You will learn how to
  • Critically review a data visualisation and understand what makes one example more effective than another
  • Understand some key psychological principles and their significance to the design of an effective data visualisation. This includes an understanding of the importance of storytelling when communicating with data
  • Present data clearly within a table in order to effectively communicate a story
  • Identify and utilise the key components within graphical representations of data
  • Select the type of graph which best communicates the different relationships that exist within data
  • Present data clearly within a selected graph type in order to effectively communicate a story

What is data visualisation?
Why is data visualisation important?
Data visualisation as storytelling

Guiding Principles

The psychology of effective data visualisation
The fundamental principles of data visualisation
General principles of effective table design

Visualising Data

Data scales and relationships
What types of graph to use and when?
General principles of effective graph design

Case study: My Design Process