Configuring and Supporting G Suite

To the Google Cloud!

G-Suite from Google is an excellent collection of productivity tools that not only make working with colleagues easier but also enhance the ways in which we can work independently.

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2 Days
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Purpose of this course

As Administrators, supporting a cloud based product can be a big change from on premise infrastructure, this course aims to familiarise administrators with the various tools to configure and support G Suite. 

Who is this course for

Every day users of G Suite looking to improve their skills.

You will learn how to
  • Set up G Suite. 
  • Configure Users. 
  • Support G Mail. 
  • Use compliance tools.
  • Configure cloud security.  
Benefits for your organisation

As with any IT product, correctly configuring and supporting G Suite is essential to get the most from it.

Benefits for you as an individual

The cloud is the future and there is no looking back, understanding the differences and advantages of working online will be essential going forward.

G-Suite Introduction
  • Tools
  • Concepts
  • Portal
  • Gmail
  • Inbox Management
  • Email
  • Views
  • Settings
  • Calendar
  • Introduction
  • Notes
  • Cloud Storage
  • Application 
  • Docs & Sheets 
  • Version Control
Google Chat
  • Hangouts
  • Applications
  • Meetings
  • Instant Messaging

​Experience supporting on premise or other cloud based products would be advantageous but is not essential.

Pre-course work required


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