Collaborative Working with Office 365 Part One

To the Cloud!

Microsoft Office is one of the widest used software suites in the world, and the future of Office is 365. With a web interface and cloud storage there are many differences for seasoned veterans of applications such as Word and Excel which can be daunting at first. 

More than just an impressive technical product, Office 365 offers a multitude of ways to make life easier and collaboration more efficient.

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3 Hours
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Purpose of this course

This course will help to remove geographical barriers with an all-encompassing platform for work, allowing for better utilisation of the collaborative tools available on the Office 365 platform.

Who is this course for

Anyone that uses Office 365 and is looking to make the most out of the new functionality enabling you to work from anywhere and with anyone. 

You will learn how to
  • Efficiently use One Drive.
  • Utilise collaborative working tools.
  • Effectively use One Note.
Benefits for your organisation

Now more than ever people need to stay connected, even if that means remotely. This course can give employees the tools to enable their skillsets, specialisations and productivity while also improving communication - aiding in remote working conditions.

Benefits for you as an individual

This course will give you the necessary skills to work collaboratively with your team under a variety of situations; like working from home. It will enable clarity of communication, allowing for the achievement of effective and efficient work. 

  • Using the new OneDrive interface
  • Uploading, Saving and Opening Files
  • Sync with local folder
  • Using Version History to roll back documents
  • Sharing files with colleagues
  • Managing and sending links
  • Permission levels and auditing
Collaborative Working
  • Inviting People to Share
  • Office Online
  • Outlook Online
  • External collaboration
  • Core functionality and features
  • Structure of sections and pages
  • Sharing with colleagues and externally

A knowledge of previous Office products would be advantageous but is not essential. 

About the Lead Trainer

Jason is one of the technical trainers here at Quanta covering areas such as the CompTIA course track and Microsoft systems and applications. Jason has previously worked as a web designer, system administrator and technical consultant for organisations including a plant nursery and web service provider.

When he’s not at Quanta, Jason is an avid American Football fan and can also occasionally be found singing and dancing with local Amateur Gilbert and Sullivan societies. He does however promise to keep the theatrics to a minimum in the classroom.