Active Directory Design and Implementation

Essential skill needed to design, implement and support an Active Directory enterprise

Using Active Directory (AD) correctly can make life a lot easier and more efficient. This course covers everything which AD can do for you and your organisation for example, how to assign policies, deploy and update software. AD networks can vary from a small installation with a few computers, users and printers to tens of thousands of users, many different network domains and large server farms spanning many geographical locations.

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4 Days
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Public or Private
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Purpose of this course

This course will allow you to plan and design an Active Directory (AD) implementation which meets the needs of your organisation, as well as how to maintain this AD on a day-to-day basis.  The course also goes through other AD services within Windows 2012 such as Lightweight Directory Services and Rights Management Services.

Who is this course for

Anyone seeking a Windows Server qualification or server administrators who will be designing, implementing and managing Windows based networks with Active Directory using Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012.

You will learn how to
  • Plan your Active Directory structure
  • Active Directory Migration
  • Implement and maintain Domain Controllers
  • Configure Replication
  • Use Group Policy
  • Manage special FISMO roles and the Schema
  • Take advantage of new functionality such as Read only Domain controllers, Federated Services and Rights management Services.
Benefits for your organisation

Modern businesses and organisations rely on the smooth running of directory services for just about all their operations, and  trained administration staff are crucial. Active Directory services are also changing, so prepare to take advantage of the new functionality of Windows Server 2012.

Benefits for you as an individual

Active Directory Skills are key in just about any organisation these days.  Let an expert guide you through understanding the traditional and the new concepts of Active Directory, receiving new hands on  skills, that will extend and update your knowledge.

Introduction to Active Directory

Introduction to Active Directory Services
Domain and Forest Levels
Joining Active Directory
Installing Domain Administration Tools
Organisational Units
User and Computer Accounts
Managing Groups

Additional Account Administration

Automating AD Tasks with Command Line Tools
The Active Directory Administrative Center
Un-deleting Objects in Active Directory
Managed Service Accounts (MSA)
Group Managed Service Accounts (gMSA)

Creating Domains, Trees and Forests

The Logical Structure of Active Directory
Active Directory Naming and DNS
Active Directory Database Structure
The Global Catalog
Read Only Domain Controllers
Implementing Active Directory Structural Objects
Migrating or Upgrading Active Directory
Server Core Domain Controllers
Removing Active Directory

Trusts and Multiple Domains

Using Trusts with Active Directory
DNS and Trusts
Configuring Trusts with Active Directory
Group Nesting and Trust Relationships
Additional Trust Configuration

Active Directory Replication

Active Directory Replication
Active Directory Connections
DNS Zone Replication
Introduction to Physical Topology
Managing Connections and Replication

Active Directory Security

Active Directory Security
Read Only Domain Controllers
Active Directory Permissions and Delegation
Delegation of Control Wizard
Delegating Group Membership
Auditing Active Directory
Kerberos Overview

Group Policy

Group Policy Overview
Local Policies
Active Directory Group Policy
Managing Group Policy
Creating and Editing Policy
Security Filtering for Policies
Trouble Shooting Group Policy Application
Policy Files
Managing Password Policies

The Schema and Operations Masters

Active Directory Schema
Working with Object Attributes and ADSIEdit
Managing Operations Masters
The Five Operations Master Roles
Administering Operations Masters
Other Server Roles

Active Directory Maintenance

Introduction to Maintaining Active Directory
Taking Active Directory Snapshots
Backing Active Directory
Resotring Active Directory
Virtualisation Snapshots
Maintaining the Active Directory Database


Delegates should have attended ONE of the following courses OR have equivalent knowledge.
Windows Server 2008 Administration or Windows Server 2012 Administration.  Knowledge of managing Windows desktop operating systems is assumed during this course.

About the Lead Trainer

Martin is a Systems trainer specialising mostly in Microsoft products, with over 20 years’ experience in training, contracting and managing networks. He currently delivers courses on Windows Server and client operating systems, Virtualisation, Active Directory, IIS web server, Network security, System Center products and automated deployments.