SharePoint Designer 2010

Learn how to fully use Microsoft's specialised HTML editor

Due to the vast size of the SharePoint Designer product this 4 day course is taught from the Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 Step by Step book.  This text acts as the ideal reference guide for delegates, which combined with the instructors skill and experience means students will leave the course with the tools and knowledge to customize SharePoint sites without writing code.  Simply by using SharePoint Designer and in-browser customisations.

Course code
4 days
Delivery style
Course type
Private only
Purpose of this course

This course is designed to show you the full scope of design and customisation that is possible using SharePoint designer.  If you are using SharePoint in earnest and need to fully brand your site(s) or are simply wanting to start out using SharePoint you will want to customise it at some point and that will probably involved SharePoint Designer.

Who is this course for

This course is for administrators\SharePoint administrators who will be responsible for customising the look and feel of a SharePoint deployment and also providing additional bespoke functionality that is not possible by using browser customizations options.

Benefits to your organisation

Having someone in-house capable of customising and changing SharePoint and basic web content can be of immense benefit.  It can save you huge amounts of money, as going to external providers for that kind of work can become very costly.  In addition you will have the ability to make changes very quickly or maybe even sitting with the in-house designer and watching them happen real-time!

Benefits to you as an individual

Knowing how to use an advance HTML editor like SharePoint Designer has many benefits to you.  not only will you learn its extensive power within the SharePoint environment but you will also learn how to create web pages using it.  Which will prove useful in applications outside of SharePoint.


Delegates attending this course would need to know about lists, libraries, site columns, content types, Web Parts and how to administer a team site using the browser.

You will learn how to
  • Create SharePoint Sites using SharePoint Designer
  • Work with Lists & Libraries
  • Create and reuse Workflows
  • Use CSS within the context of SharePoint Designer
  • Create and Modify webpages
  • Work with data sources and master pages
  • Manage Web Content in SharePoint Server
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Much appreciated on how the trainer was very patient and approachable.

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Joanne Lewis
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 (Power-User)
Course content
Introduction to Windows SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Introduction
SharePoint Designer Basics
  • Understanding SharePoint designer 2010
  • Navigate within SharePoint Designer
  • Creating Sites using Task Panes
  • Controlling use of SharePoint Designer
Creating SharePoint sites
  • Managing users and permissions
  • Creating a site hierarchy
  • Deleting a site
  • Resetting a site template
  • Exploring a SharePoint site
  • Navigating a sites components
  • Saving and using a site template
Working with lists & libraries
  • Creating lists and libraries
  • Importing data into SharePoint
  • Working with list columns
  • Creating an XSLT list view web part
  • Adding custom actions
  • Creating site columns
  • Creating content types
Using Business Connectivity Services
  • Creating database external data sources
  • Creating external content types
  • Creating Office Application content types
  • Creating and managing external lists
  • Exposing and using the BDC model
  • Creating a profile page
  • Using associations
Creating Workflows
  • Use the SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Designer Wizard to create custom workflows
  • Using actions and conditions
  • Modifying a workflow
  • Deploying a workflow
  • Creating a multi-step workflow
  • Creating a site workflow
  • Using Visio to map a workflow
  • Importing a Visio workflow
  • Deleting a workflow
Using Reusable Workflows and Workflow Forms
  • Creating reusable workflows
  • Creating association columns
  • Using workflow templates
  • Globally reusable workflows
  • Creating initiation and association forms
  • Retrieving values from initiation forms
  • Modifying an InfoPath form
  • Publishing an InfoPath form
  • Modifying Initiation forms
  • Modifying Association forms
  • Modifying task forms
Branding SharePoint Sites
  • Setting CSS and Colour Coding page editor
  • Identifying styles in CSSI
  • Identifying styles on content pages
  • Creating and attaching CSS files
  • Creating a HTML page
  • Creating styles
  • Using style application commands
  • Understanding SharePoint CSS inheritance
  • Using IntelliSense to add CSS
  • Using CSS reports
Creating and Modifying Webpages
  • Inserting text, screen tips, hyperlinks and images
  • Working with web parts
  • Changing a site homepage
  • Modifying a list view page
  • Creating list view pages
  • Creating an ASP page
  • Inserting web part zones
  • Attaching a master page
Data Views and Conditional Formatting
  • Create a data view
  • Conditional formatting
  • Apply filtering and style
  • Using XSLT
  • Working with XPath expressions
  • Showing and hiding content
  • Inline editing
Working with Data Sources
  • Using data sources
  • Working with XML data
  • Connecting to an RSS feed
  • Connecting to SOAP services
  • Connecting to REST services
  • Connecting to a database
  • Using linked sources
  • Connecting web parts
Working with Master Pages
  • Understanding master pages
  • Default master page
  • Controls used on master pages
  • Copying and saving a master page
  • Customising a master page
  • Changing the default master page
  • Managing content place holders
  • Exporting master pages
  • Resetting a master page to site definition
Usability and Accessibility
  • User centric design methodology
  • Defining accessible branding
  • Testing for usability
  • Accessibility legislation and testing
  • Maintaining legislation compliance
Managing web content in SharePoint Server
  • Creating a publishing site
  • Understanding web content management
  • Understanding the page model
  • Creating a page layout
  • Modifying a page layout
  • Rating web content
  • Approving a page layout
  • Restoring earlier versions of pages
Using Controls in Web Pages
  • Ribbon and Tag properties
  • Task Panes
  • Standard ASP.NET controls
  • ASP.NET validation controls
  • SharePoint Data view controls
  • SharePoint server controls
Course Outline v0.1